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Animal welfare pioneers launch groundbreaking portal

Experts from across the nation and overseas are finalising Australia’s first tertiary animal welfare and ethics project, culminating in its launch at the University of Sydney today at 3:30 p.m. by the ‘father’ of animal welfare science, the UK’s Emeritus Professor John Webster.

Emeritus Professor Webster is among international and local experts who have helped develop the One Welfare portal – an online, interactive resource being launched today – which has brought together all the veterinary faculties in Australia and New Zealand.

Professor Webster, from the United Kingdom’s University of Bristol, arrived in Australia last week and will embark on a national speaking tour until 10 December.

Leading author Professor Webster is a key proponent of the Five Freedoms. Developing the framework from a call for basic rights, such as the ability to stand, stretch and lie down, to a proposal encompassing a stress-free environment and enabling the expression of normal behaviour through conditions that avoid mental suffering.

“There is a growing expectation as society is increasingly relying on animals for consumption and even companionship, that we have a responsibility to do this in a more humane manner,” says Webster.

To improve animal welfare across Australia and remain abreast of emerging issues, a consortium led by the University of Sydney applied to the Australian Government’s Office of Learning and Teaching for funding for what has become the One Welfare portal.

“This has been a truly national collaboration involving animal welfare scientists who are leaders in their fields,” says McGreevy, the chief investigator for the project.

Among the resources that the portal now boasts are: dozens of veterinary scenarios showcasing ethical dilemmas; a validated online reflection tool for students to use on annual basis to assess their views on animal sentience; a custom-built online debating tool called Chatterbox™; over 300 essays on animal welfare science and an app (doglogbook) that has been developed for dog owners to report their dogs’ day-to-day activities and help veterinarians assess the animals’ quality of life.

Australian and New Zealand veterinary schools have been participating in workshops from Monday 30 November through to Wednesday 2 December at the University of Sydney as part of the One Welfare program.

Participating universities in One Welfare, being launched today, comprise: University of Sydney; University of Queensland; Charles Sturt University; University of Melbourne; University of Adelaide; Massey University; James Cook University and Murdoch University.

WHAT: One Welfare portal launch, Wonder Dog tricks
WHEN: 3:30–4:30 p.m., 1 December
WHERE: Darlington Conference Centre, City Road, near Butlin Avenue, University of Sydney

This article was first shared by The University of Sydney on 1 December 2015. 

Pig and poultry welfare research receives $1 million grant

A $1 million grant from the South Australian government will go towards expanding the animal welfare research facilities at the University of Adelaide’s Roseworthy campus.

Roseworthy is home to one of Australia’s leading free-range pig and poultry research facilities, as well as the headquarters of the Pork Cooperative Research Centre.

The grant comes during renewed scrutiny in to pig farming practices, including the use of sow stalls or ‘gestation crates’. The practice is being banned in certain states and consumer demand is driving better welfare practices for farmed animals.

The money will be used to develop a remote animal behaviour monitoring system, an improved climate control system, and upgrades of the free-range poultry facility.

Professor Wayne Hein, Dean of Roseworthy campus, welcomed the grant.

“We have an outstanding collaborative hub at Roseworthy with some of the best animal science researchers in the country working at this site,” says Hein.

“Roseworthy is also the headquarters of the Pork Cooperative Research Centre. The strong alignment with the CRC on campus means that industry engagement in the research undertaken on the campus is seamless and beneficial to all parties.

“This funding will help establish the highest standards of animal welfare in animal production systems.”

This article was first published on The Lead on 30 July 2015. Read the original article here.