Graphene oxide study strengthens the case for smart concrete

Engineers have added graphene oxide to cement mixture to make stronger 3D printed concrete.

Revolutionising optics for Earth observation  

A new project with UniSA and industry partners VPG and SMR moves a demonstrator project to production manufacturing.

National Innovation Challenge for Australia’s First Lunar Rover Arm Design Opens

Launched by ELO2 &, the new challenge will allow Australian innovators to contribute to Australia’s first lunar rover.

Cubesats: how you can be involved in space exploration without spending millions

Did you know that for the price of a brand new large ute, you could instead send your very own small satellite to the International Space Station and out into orbit?

Four areas where fundamental research brings benefits to society and the economy.

Fundamental university science research has drawn inspiration from the Great Barrier Reef’s carbon storage capacity, the plant world’s ultra-efficient storage and transport structure, the reinvention solid state physics to develop new materials for electronic efficiency and advanced agricultural to nourish future outposts in space.

QUT project set to grow plants on the moon

An Australian space start-up will experiment with growing plants on the moon by sending a capsule containing carefully selected seeds and ‘resurrection’ plants, along with sensors, a camera and water on a commercial lunar lander travelling to the moon in 2024.

Joint facility to drive development of the aerospace industry in Northern Australia

A new CDU-RMIT TestLab will house an advanced manufacturing and test flight facility for the development of drones at Charles Darwin University (CDU).

Meteorites from the red desert of Australia support search for life on the red planet Mars

Earth meteorites could be used to find evidence of life on the planet Mars

space industry

Australia’s first national space mission central to budget 2022-23

Harnessing science and technology will deliver a strong economy with more jobs.

Rocketing Aussie space manufacturing into the future

A national network with a mission to advance local space manufacturing and future launches in Australia is being backed with $52 million from the Australian Government.  

Advanced technologies underpinning the space race

Register for the next ANSTO x Science Meets Business Innovation Series webinar exploring how advanced technologies drive Australia’s space industry.

Backing more Australian space companies to soar

A new toolkit that will make space missions quicker, cheaper, more accurate and safer is among a series of projects being backed by the Moon to Mars program.

ANSTO Innovation Series: Nuclear technology underpinning the space race

Register for the next ANSTO x Science Meets Business Innovation Series webinar exploring how nuclear technology can benefit the space and aerospace industries.

Program to accelerate SME growth in space industry

CSIRO has opened applications for a new program for small to medium businesses working in the space sector.

nandin startup has its moonshot in sight

ANSTO, Australia’s knowledge centre for nuclear science and engineering, is part of Australia’s Space Race, helping Australian companies develop technology for the nation’s fledgling space industry.

Profile: Marco Petasecca, building space capability

Associate Professor Marco Petasecca is securing Australia’s space-faring future by establishing local testing facilities to certify Australian electronic components for space.

UNSW joins the Wolfpack Space Hub to support space startups

UNSW Sydney and Wolfpack Space Hub have joined forces to collaborate on creating a startup for space businesses.

CSIRO opens satellite offering for Aussie Earth observation

Australian researchers in industries like agriculture and natural disaster management can now apply to direct the Earth observation satellite

Leading astrophysicist takes out top prize in Space Awards

The Australian Space Awards recognise the best and brightest who are driving the development of
Australia’s space economy in the Australian space industry.