Using “superhero bugs” and AI to save lives from infections

Curtin University research is aiming to combine artificial intelligence with natural, infection-fighting viruses to help save lives from an increasingly common medical emergency found in hospitals.

Sanofi partnership brings global research development to Gold Coast

New Griffith University site for the Translational Science Hub brings global vaccine R&D to the Gold Coast.

Smart stitches to reduce infection and simplify post op monitoring   

A new antimicrobial suture material that glows in medical imaging could provide a promising alternative for mesh implants and internal stitches. 

Antibiotic innovation helps fight against superbugs

RMIT scientists have created a new type of antibiotic that can be rapidly re-engineered to avoid resistance by dangerous superbugs.  

World Parkinson’s Congress travel grants available for young researchers

Shake It Up Australia Foundation offers World Parkinson’s Congress travel grants to early career researchers.

New data shows health not registering as a major election issue

Health is failing to cut through in the media coverage and on social platforms despite the country being in the midst of a pandemic.

Scientists discover new phage therapy combination to combat antibiotic-resistance

Study led by Monash University scientists has found that a combination of phages and antibiotics may be far more effective against bacterial infections.

Industry-backed plan to navigate Australian biotech into the future

Australia’s biotechnology sector has united to launch a strategy for the Australian Biotechnology Industry

Non-invasive skin cancer treatment manufactured by ANSTO in Southern Sydney

The innovative, non-invasive therapy utilises the radioisotope Rhenium-188 and is applied only to the area requiring treatment, sparing healthy tissue.

Plant-based patties, lab-grown meat and insects: how the protein industry is innovating

As demand for alternative protein sources grows, Australians are increasingly looking for options that are healthy, sustainable and ethically made.

$32m for groundbreaking projects combining industry and research 

Projects to develop an mRNA vaccine for bacterial infections and a device to treat heart failure share in more than $32 million in funding

Professor Ian Frazer AC explores the case for curiosity.

Basic science is far more than the translatable research outcomes it might enable. It is also the catalyst for significant advances in our social and economic wellbeing. 

Big Science’s Big Ideas: CRISPR. From Cancer to Covid

Building on fundamental gene technologies, Australian scientists have adapted a treatment for children’s cancer into a tool to target and suppress the virus that causes COVID-19.

Big Science’s Big Ideas: Biology’s Monumental Evolution

From fundamental cellular studies in the 1950s, synthetic biology will become a multi-billion-dollar opportunity in coming decades.

Aussie scrubs manufacturer puts sustainability and science at the forefront of medical wear

Australian designed, sustainable scrubs made from 48% recycled post-consumer water bottles.

Bionic Vision Technologies keeps its eye on the prize

Australia company Bionic Vision Technologies is in the race to produce the first bionic eye.

Diagnosing jaundice instantly with a digital camera

New imaging software can accurately diagnose jaundice in newborn babies and set treatment in action.

Nuclear medicine delivering improvements in diagnosis and treatment of cancer

Register for the next ANSTO x Science Meets Business Innovation Series exploring how nuclear is medicine delivering improvements in human health and the treatment and diagnosis of cancer.

Joint Venture to make GMP theranostic radiopharmaceuticals

The two leading nuclear medicine enterprises have come together to develop, manufacture and supply radiopharmaceuticals for cancer treatments.

COVID-19 vaccine pioneer awarded Prime Minister’s Prize for Science

The Prime Minister’s Prizes for Science are Australia’s most prestigious awards for outstanding achievements in scientific research, research-based innovation, and excellence in science teaching.

Smart microscope slides detect cancer

Innovative microscope slide promises to revolutionise medical imaging.

Profile: Helen Tower, manufacturing vaccines

Tower’s background in pharmacology and immunology landed her a place in the CSL Graduate Program, based at Seqirus, CSL’s vaccine-manufacturing business.

Preparing for the next pandemic

Scientists in universities across Australia, energised by the pitched battle against COVID-19, are developing a suite of home-made solutions to future scourges.

Fighting fungal infections: Giant leaps for smart nanotech

Newly engineered nanoparticles developed by scientists at the University of South Australia to treat drug-resistant fungal infections.