ANSTO Innovation Series

The ANSTO Innovation Series is a live and virtual meet-up that focuses on the key capacities of ANSTO’s people, partners and facilities and how they are meeting global challenges in sustainable industries, medicine, advanced manufacturing and in accelerating small business.

Delivered as a quarterly webinar or live event, the ANSTO Innovation Series features an expert panel exploring the latest science, industry and start-up opportunities, including innovations in energy storage, nuclear medicine and health, engineering new materials and accelerating deep tech business.

The ANSTO Innovation Series is produced in partnership with STEM-specialist publishers, Refraction Media, publishers of Science Meets Business, and hosted by leading science journalist, Lee Constable.

Previously, on the ANSTO Innovation Series

New Technologies to Feed the World

How researchers, government and industry are collaborating to ensure Australia leads the world in food security using cutting-edge technology.

From healthier snacks to more sustainable food production and clarity around food provenance, advances in new technologies play a key role in helping improve global access to safe, secure and high-quality food.  

New technologies to feed the world – 14 September 2022

Nuclear applications in food science rely on the use of isotopes and radiation techniques to combat pests and diseases, increase crop production, protect land and water resources, ensure food safety and authenticity, and increase livestock production. 

In food science, nuclear science is at the forefront of developing healthier/lower fat foods and producing less digestible starches and oleogels, which are gels that attempt to replicate fat texture but without saturated fat.

Meet four food technology industry experts and find out how researchers, government and industry are collaborating to ensure Australia leads the world in food security using cutting-edge technology.

Accelerating Deep Tech Businesses

This event brings together science leaders, deep tech entrepreneurs, industry, academic partners and national organisations, this in-person and online event will be an opportunity to hear from, and connect with, those who embrace challenge-based innovation and collaboration. 

Join a dynamic live panel discussion examining the opportunities and challenges facing deep tech businesses across fields such as health, space, energy, the environment and advanced manufacturing. 

Accelerating Deep Tech Businesses – Live event 18 May 2022

The Future of Battery Power

This webinar provides a deeper understanding of how sustainable energy is central to a green economy. You’ll gain insights from a neutron instrument scientist from ANSTO, a mission lead in critical energy metals from CSIRO, and the executive manager of Cobalt Blue. You’ll explore areas such as the efficient and sustainable extraction of minerals for battery-ready products and storage, neutron-level testing to understand and improve on the function of materials central to energy storage and use, finding Australia’s competitive advantage in the growing battery industry, and the opportunity to establish recycling and re-use facilities to meet domestic needs and those of the Asia-Pacific region.

The Future of Battery Power – 20 October 2021

Advanced technologies underpinning the Space Technologies

Space represents a new frontier for science, research and innovation in Australia, as well as the opportunity for significant economic development. Australia is well-placed to capitalise on this growing industry and employment boom. Innovation in space technology can support agriculture, communications, defence, disaster management, the environment and more, while improving the lives of everyday citizens. 

ANSTO has diverse capabilities and expertise in many areas, including advanced materials, radiation detection and dosimetry (the impact of galactic cosmic radiation on human cells), the characterisation of planetary materials and advanced manufacturing, which can support space research and development. 

Meet four space industry experts and hear how researchers, government and industry are collaborating to ensure Australia secures a podium finish in the space race. 

Advanced Space Technologies Underpinning the Space Race – 9 March 2022

Nuclear medicine delivering improvements in diagnosis and treatment of cancer

Although many people might know that ANSTO produces nuclear medicines, including the most commonly used diagnostic imaging agent, they may not be aware of the other research and development activities in nuclear medicine that benefit human health.

World-leading nuclear science, combined with expertise of ANSTO staff and collaborators in academia and industry, are at the cutting-edge of investigations into the origin of diseases, like cancer. State-of-the-art nuclear research is finding improved methods to detect, diagnose and monitor the progression of disease and develop therapies to treat disease.

At this free online event you’ll meet experts who are at the forefront of nuclear medicine and research and who are working to save lives.

Nuclear medicine delivering improvements in diagnosis and treatment of cancer – 8 December 2021
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