The future of quantum set to soar in Queensland

PsiQuantum partners with Queensland universities, bolstering the future of quantum computing in Australia

Jobs in quantum heat up, with scholarships on offer

Australia’s quantum industry needs skills and is offering generous scholarships to help build the future.

Quantum allies push commercialisation 

Governments seek a startup ecosystem beyond quantum computing: Australia’s chief scientist Cathy Foley, speaking at the Quantum Australia conference this week

Scarcity of talent hampers Australia’s quantum industry

Quantum technologies represent a massive opportunity, but strong global competition and a scarcity of talent will hamper growth in the sector in Australia, a major industry review has found.

UNSW Sunswift Racing claims Bridgestone World Solar Challenge victory after wind drama in Outback

UNSW student team ranked #1 in prestigious solar car race across Australia despite weather conditions preventing all Cruiser Class competitors from completing the full 3600km distance from Darwin to Adelaide.

Opinion: We must future-proof Australia’s high-performance-computing framework

Stuart Strickland, COO of WA based DUG Technology identifies issues within Australia’s High Performance Computing framework.

Minister opens new high-tech robotics manufacturing facility Sydney

Australian AI-based robotics and navigation firm Advanced Navigation has opened a new high-tech robotics facility for autonomous systems at UTS Tech Lab in Sydney.

Cybernetics: study this new type of engineering bringing together people and tech      

Cybernetics is a type of engineering study exploring big dynamic systems, like the internet, the environment, governments, cultures and even our own bodies. It is also about building new systems that bring together people, technology and the environment.

Conference maps AI revolution set to overhaul every industry

Artificial intelligence-powered tutors for every child, state-of-the-art medical developments and the death of the call centre are among some of the ways AI will revolutionise every industry sector, a conference has been told.

Research to merge human brain cells with AI secures national defence funding

Monash University-led research into growing human brain cells onto silicon chips, with new continual learning capabilities to transform machine learning, has been awarded almost $600,000 AUD in the prestigious National Intelligence and Security Discovery Research Grants Program.

Novel approach offers cheap, reliable positioning systems for robots

QUT researchers have developed a unique and improved approach to the way robots see, with the aim of making cheap and reliable positioning systems for applications such as service robots and general autonomous vehicle systems.

The ‘flip-flop’ qubit: realisation of a new quantum bit in silicon controlled by electric signals

New type of quantum bit combines the exquisite quantum properties of single atoms with easy controllability using electric signals.

New chatbot goes online to fight image-based abuse

Experts in abusive online behaviour say their world-first AI chatbot will help people report incidents of image-based abuse and find support.

Cyber security experts identify new threat to blockchain technology

A joint study between CDU and the University of Tehran identified a new vulnerability in blockchain technology that threatens its use in Industry 4.0.

How well can AI understand the Hon Ed Husic MP’s recent speech?

To test the skills of open source artificial research laboratory OpenAI, we asked it to ‘write a 500 word news article for web on this speech’.

CSIRO brokers new partnerships to foster tech talent

CSIRO is developing partnerships with businesses and universities to fund up to 195 university student scholarships for the Next Generation Graduates programs.

Crypto scams will increase over the holidays – here’s what you need to know to not fall victim

Researchers from Deakin University’s Centre for Cyber Security Research and Innovation had an opportunity to interview recent victims of these scams. Here is what they found.

Digital skills gap at all-time high

Seventy five per cent of IT decision-makers report a gap in digital skills, 145% over the previous year.

Monash wins Algorand boost for blockchain technologies in the Pacific

Blockchain project aims to develop sustainable and innovative blockchain technology for the Pacific region.

World-first experiment using drones for wildlife health checks

Signal processing techniques detect vital signs in wildlife from drone footage.

Meet Clive, UniSA’s first off-the-shelf quadruped 

Meet Clive, UniSA’s first off-the-shelf quadruped robot who joins the UniSA STEM academic unit.

UNSW receives major crypto gift to fund open-source AI tool to prevent pandemics

Major crypto gift to fund UNSW’s open-source artificial intelligence tool to prevent pandemics

Universities blaze a trail to commercialise defence research

A bid, led by the University of Adelaide in partnership with the UNSW, has been endorsed to assist the country’s economic recovery under the Trailblazer Universities Program.