Energy Innovation: My Town Microgrid

MyTown Microgrid. How Heyfield, Victoria could dictate the path for all edge of grid towns in Australia as more communities are looking to make energy work better for them.

Polymer batteries a step closer

An international research team has moved closer to developing a more sustainable, rechargeable ‘organic’ battery model by doubling its energy storage capability.

Research captures dynamic atomic interactions in a promising sodium ion battery material

Could sodium batteries be as good as lithium? Research undertaken by UNSW and ANSTO is providing insights into a promising material for sodium-ion batteries.

New tracking and metrics platform to unlock $2 trillion economic opportunity

Data-rich platform to help transition to a zero waste, circular economy.

Globally renowned Professor Shizhang Qiao crowned SA Scientist of the Year

Professor Shizhang Qiao awarded for his transformative work in materials science for energy conversion and storage technologies.

Can spare EV battery capacity support the grid?

Australia launches international trial to see if electric vehicle spare battery capacity can support the grid.

Australian hydrogen company recognised as world leader

Australian company Countrywide Renewable Hydrogen Limited (CRH) has been awarded “World’s Best Hydrogen Brand” at a global conference in Iceland.