Graduate employment in a changing world

Australia’s thought leaders reveal what makes graduates invaluable to organisational success, and how to stand out in the race for future jobs.

The value of Google interns

Stephanie Borgman, the head of staffing programs at Google, explains how internships offer mutual opportunities for students and businesses.

Founders fuelled by STEM

Venture capital investor and company director Andrew Coppin looks at the changing demographic of founders in today’s startup scene.

Engineering careers in business

Leeanne Bond reveals how thinking like an engineer can make a world of difference in business.

Preparing graduates for the future of work

UTS Vice-Chancellor Attila Brungs sheds light on how we can equip graduates with the right skills to compete in a changing global market.

Building STEM skills

Tanya Monro, Deputy Vice Chancellor of Research and Innovation at the University of South Australia, discusses why STEM skills are key to Australia’s prosperity.

Getting into a top graduate program

Cochlear’s Chief Software Architect Victor Rodrigues reveals what makes a prospective graduate stand out.

Industry experience propels graduates

Ai Group CEO Innes Willox discusses the STEM deficit and highlights the importance of gaining industry experience while studying.

Innovating Australia

Australia’s thought leaders describe their vision for the future.

Science in the spotlight

Executive Director & CEO of the Australian Museum Kim McKay AO explains why it is truly a wonderful time to be working in science communication and education.

Disruptive STEM

The face of business is changing, explains Robert Hillard, and it is up to STEM-skilled graduates to encourage the application of new technology to achieve great benefits for society.

The advanced manufacturing flagship

Chairman of the AAMC John Pollaers, on Australia’s best lever for a thriving, high-tech manufacturing sector.

Innovation in life sciences

A massive funding boost will strengthen the role of biotech in our economic future, says AusBiotech CEO Dr Anna Lavelle.

Engineering solutions

From a purely engineering perspective, all real world problems are solvable, says Dr Alan Finkel AO, Australia’s Chief Scientist.

Path to a ‘right-skilled’ workforce

CSIRO’s Dr Cathy Foley shares a four-step plan to ready Australia for the vastly different job scene of the future.

Making innovation work

Why we must disrupt, diffuse and diversify in the interest of ideas.

Gender equality and innovation

It’s time to do things differently in Australia and be bolder in our commitment to diversity, says CEO of the BioMelbourne Network Dr Krystal Evans.

Innovation in Western Australia

The gameplan for science, innovation and collaboration in Western Australia, according to the state’s Chief Scientist, Professor Peter Klinken.

Overcoming academic barriers to innovation

QUT Vice-Chancellor Professor Peter Coaldrake on remaining competitive in a knowledge-intensive global economy.

National security relies on STEM

Building a highly trained STEM workforce is critical to Australia’s defence and national security, says Chief Defence Scientist, Dr Alex Zelinsky.

Bridging the innovation gap

The innovation pathway is driven by finding new solutions to the problems we encounter every day, says Professor Fiona M Wood.