The innovation pipeline. The value chain of Australian universities. Australian University Science – Issue 9.

April 18, 2023

The latest issue of Australian University Science asserts that the university-science research value chain is complex, iterative, and has value at all stages.

Australian University Science is a bi-annual publication that highlights the interplay between university research and industry. Produced by the Australian Council of Deans of Science, it reaches a targeted list of politicians, industry leaders and research professionals in Australia and overseas through print and digital production and the website

The latest issue asserts that the university-science research value chain is complex, iterative, and has value at all stages. There are many steps along the ‘runway’ of innovation and all of us — the researchers, the end users, those of us in leadership, and those just starting out — play a role in its ultimate course.

University science outcomes include high-profile commercialisable research, such as green hydrogen or quantum information systems technology,  “blue sky” research and its new directions. It also drives policy change and creates community knowledge.

View this issue online and discover brief and compelling case studies of Australian university science as value chains across environmental, physical, chemical and biological sciences, with timelines of takeoff from fundamental to applied research.


Universities: Incubators of Invention

Runways to innovation

Four areas of science set to boom

About Australian University Science

Australian University Science is a publication that explores the achievements of university science in building Australia’s sovereign capability.

Australia’s strong science research and training is integral to driving new economies. Universities have a critical role as partners in establishing innovation and technological change in industry. As science delivers new insights and tools, new industries are emerging, and people with science skills will be essential to these new industries.

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