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Science and business are centre stage

Science and innovation take centre stage today at the government’s launch of its National Science and Innovation Agenda.

High on the list of priorities is the focus on connecting the brightest minds in science and business to drive novel solutions and employment-boosting enterprises.

Refraction Media, publisher of the Science Meets Business website, welcomes the focus on collaborative partnerships between research and industry – connecting science and business.

“Australian scientists are producing world-class research within academia, research institutes and industry,” says Karen Taylor-Brown, Publisher at Refraction Media.

Taylor-Brown cites Australia’s development of the bionic ear and CSIRO’s pioneering wi-fi work as high profile examples of Australian innovation.

Lesser known is the 3D-absorbent fabric developed by CSIRO and Textor Technologies, which is being used in the next generation nappy by global brand Huggies; Vision CRC’s ongoing work in contact lens technology worn by millions worldwide; and the Total Channel Control System to rejuvenate outdated irrigation systems. Total Channel Control is now used around the world, and was jointly developed by the former CRC for Sensor Signal and Information Processing, and Rubicon Water.

“The opportunity lies in opening the doors of science to a dynamic and responsive business community.”

Businesses that work hand in hand with research organisations to innovate are three times more likely to prosper and grow.

– Karen Taylor-Brown

Science Meets Business is an independent news hub that celebrates and shares stories of Australian innovation while connecting the worlds of science and business.

“We need to link problems with skills, and the National Science and Innovation Agenda is certainly a step in the right direction,’ says Taylor-Brown.

Science Meets Business The New Class, how Australian innovation is making an impact on the world stage as businesses and researchers forge ahead into foreign markets


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