Science & Technology Australia Launches Ambitious STEM Career Pathways Survey

May 30, 2023

Survey to shed light on current conditions and opportunities in Australia’s STEM sector

Science & Technology Australia (STA), the peak body representing the country’s scientific and technological community, has launched the STEM Career Pathways survey. This comprehensive survey aims to capture the most up-to-date insights into current conditions and career patterns for scientists, technologists, mathematicians, and engineers in Australia. The survey’s outcomes will serve as a foundation for future policies and decision-making processes at the highest levels.

The STEM Career Pathways survey will inform research commissioned by the Office of the Chief Scientist for the Prime Minister’s National Science and Technology Council.  It aims to address the pressing challenges faced by professionals in the STEM sector. By gathering crucial information on workloads, conditions, career development, and opportunities for transitioning between industry and research, it will offer a comprehensive understanding of the STEM landscape.

Participants are encouraged to share their experiences, whether thriving in their current STEM careers or considering alternative paths. The survey seeks to uncover factors influencing career decisions, examine patterns of career planning versus improvisation, and learn from those who have transitioned away from STEM fields.

The survey, which is open to all individuals with a STEM qualification, allows respondents to remain anonymous and takes approximately 10 minutes to complete. As an incentive for participation, all survey respondents have the opportunity to enter a draw for two $500 JB HiFi vouchers.

As the survey data is analysed, STA anticipates that the results will provide valuable insights to guide future policies, foster informed decision-making, and support the growth and advancement of individuals pursuing careers in science, technology, engineering, and mathematics in Australia.

The STEM Career Pathways survey’s successful completion marks a significant step towards empowering STEM professionals and ensuring a thriving and inclusive future for the Australian STEM sector.

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