Robo-brickie makes massive impact

August 11, 2015

A robotic brick builder developed by an Australian company has generated massive interest globally.

It’s as simple as putting one brick on top of the other, but automating the process of bricklaying could present the biggest innovation in construction in over 5000 years, according to an Australian company.

The world’s first robotic bricklayer uses a laser guidance system to accurately place bricks to within 0.5 mm accuracy.

The Australian today reported that Fastbrick Robotics has garnered massive investor interest after a roadshow demonstrating their prototype Hadrian 105 unit, which is capable of constructing a house in as little as 1–2 days.

The company’s websites lists other commercial opportunities as freeway construction and hi-rise infill and say that the prototype machine “coincides with the evolution of global interest in 3D printing possibilities”.

“We have had interest from 35 countries, including some outstanding big organisations,” chief executive Mike Pivac told The Australian. “We had 500,000 hits on our website in just over five days.

“If you put this machine on a rocking boat it would lay a house on the shore correctly to an inch or two,” Mr Pivac says.

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