Quantum gamble awarded best article of the year

October 23, 2017

INGENUITY magazine topped hundreds of publications to win Best Single Article of the Year at the annual Publish Awards.


INGENUITY magazine, the UNSW Engineering’s research showcase, topped hundreds of publications last week with its story on quantum computing in silicon. Quantum Gamble was awarded Best Single Article of the Year at the annual Publish Awards.

Journalist Wilson da Silva, Editor-at-Large of COSMOS Magazine, and Editor of INGENUITY, took out the award against strong competition, with judges praising the clarity and insight of the article. The article covers all five of the leading designs for quantum computing, which could revolutionise cryptography, payments and exponentially increase computing speeds.

It focusses on the combined efforts of UNSW engineers Professors Andrea Morello and Andrew Dzurak and Scientia Professor Michelle Simmons in the quest for quantum computing in silicon, which would dramatically improve the commercialisation capacity of quantum computing elements.

“Science has thrilling stories to tell. Even a complex topic like quantum mechanics has drama, tension and a deeply human story of people on a quest,” said da Silva.

“That’s definitely the case with this story, which has dozens of competing teams, five mind-boggling designs, the world’s best minds and a race to build the most powerful computer ever devised. All I had to do was find a path through one  the most complex topics in science in a way that highlighted that drama.

“I am delighted to win, but could not have done it without the help and support of the researchers involved, who patiently worked with me on almost a dozen drafts, and the creativity and tolerance of Refraction Media, who laboured assiduously to make the article a success.”

The Publish Awards recognises the best work in consumer, business-to-business and custom publishing across print and digital.

INGENUITY is a new annual publication, styled as a popular science magazine, which applies a journalistic feature-based review of the best research and innovation undertaken in the preceding year at the Faculty of Engineering of the University of New South Wales in Sydney.

Read the winning article or access the full issue of INGENUITY here.



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