Looking for engineering equipment for your lab or classroom? Here are 5 reasons to check out RS.

December 06, 2021

Engineers make our lives better and RS Components is committed to inspiring and supporting the future generation of engineers. 

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Engineers make our lives better and RS Components is committed to inspiring and supporting the future generation of engineers. 

At RS Components, you’ll find an enormous range of electrocomponents and STEM equipment for students and educators. Designed to maximize imagination while honing skills, these innovative products and technologies support students and the curriculum by providing cutting-edge, hands-on opportunities to creatively find solutions to challenging, real-world problems.

Here are just five reasons why you need to check out RS Components:

  1. Give your students the edge with the latest technology. With a huge range of development boards, from affordable microcontroller boards and entry-level development kits to more hands-on sensor and robotic technology, you’ll find some of the best and most exciting brands to bring you the latest innovative technology to your students.
  2. Enormous product range. Explore over 600,000 products from 2,500 suppliers and 60,000 products stocked locally.  Equip your lab with: 
    • 3D printers and materials
    • Safety goggles, gloves, lab coats
    • Batteries and hand tools
    • Soldering stations
    • Bench test and measuring equipment
    • Wires, cables and connectors
    • And much more!
  3. Tap into a deep knowledge reservoir. When you need specialist advice, the RS technical experts are part of your team. They’re there with extensive knowledge of products and specifications to help you make the best choice. RS offers easy access to product support resources online or by phone. You can speak to a live chat member on the website for help in finding products or other technical information. Or take a look at the technical data sheets which are available at product level. This can help save time, allowing you access to technical information 24/7.
  4. Free access to DesignSpark. RS offers FREE access to its DesignSpark suite of specialist software design tools and community. This now includes 3D mechanical design, Electrical design and PCB design. All the tools are free to download, activate and use. Sign up now at www.designspark.com
  5. Fast, flexible delivery options. From same-day to next-working-day to call-off and consolidated delivery, RS Components offer a variety of flexible delivery options to make sure you get your equipment fast and safe.

This article was produced in partnership with RS Components.

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