Growing sovereign capability, issue 6, Australian University Science

September 15, 2021

Australian University Science magazine showcases exceptional science teams and science graduates working with industry

Australian university science is key to building our sovereign capability in manufacturing, medicines, food and agriculture, communications and defence. Decades of research in chemistry, physics, earth and environmental science and biology has equipped us to quickly adapt to the rapidly changing global challenges of the pandemic, climate change and market uncertainty. University science is also the only way we will ensure we have the skilled people we need to ensure this capability into the future.

This issue of Australian University Science magazine examines key ways in which university science is delivering on advancing Australia’s sovereign capability. Australian university science addresses major global challenges such as tracking sinks and sources of carbon emissions, in equipping us to deal with the evolving pandemic crisis, and in developing our capabilities in defence and battery manufacture.

Australian University Science – exploring the achievement so university science in building Australian’s sovereign capability.

Australia’s strong science and research training is integral to driving new economies. Universities have a critical role as partners in establishing innovation and technological change in industry. As science delivers new insights and tools, new industries are emerging and people with science skills will be essential to these new industries.

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