Generation STEM Links: Internships to meet business needs

August 21, 2023

TDMN, a technology startup, has teamed with CSIRO’s Generation STEM Links to offer students a hands-on internship.

Image: Supplied, CSIRO

TDMN, founded by Domenic Ammendolia, provides businesses with a shopping trolley and cart
management system to reduce the environmental, social, and financial costs of lost, stolen, and
abandoned shopping carts and trolleys.

COVID-19 provided TDMN valuable downtime to refine its products and improve research and
development efforts. It also gave Domenic time to reflect on the importance of training and

This led him to participate in Generation STEM Links, an internship program that assists businesses
to attract young talent, provides recruitment support and a $2,500 grant on completion of the
internship. The initiative helped TDMN with cost control and cash flow management and brought
fresh perspectives and innovative ideas.

Domenic also acknowledged the advantages of the program’s candidate filtering process. He said the
Generation STEM Links team saved them a significant amount of time.

As part of her 12-week internship with TDMN, Macquarie University student Emma Kaelin learnt
new skills in native coding for Apple and Android, and successfully launched six apps for TDMN.

Image: Macquarie University student Emma Kaelin. Supplied, CSIRO

The experience was invaluable. Emma has been able to apply her new knowledge from the
internship to her university studies, giving her an edge in the job market.

Domenic emphasised the long-term value of investing in skilled interns, as the initial training
investment can lead to significant contributions and growth for the company.

“I often question those who hesitate, asking them to reflect on their experiences. As business
owners, we have a responsibility to provide opportunities for young Australians and contribute to
their development,” Domenic said.

TDMN has since welcomed Emma as an ongoing employee, along with two new Generation STEM
Links interns.

Contact the team to learn more about Generation STEM Links

About Generation STEM

Generation STEM is a 10-year initiative to attract, support, and retain NSW students in STEM.
Managed by CSIRO, Australia’s national science agency, the program is made possible by the NSW
Government’s $25 million endowment to the Science and Industry Endowment Fund (SIEF).

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