Free webinar: Unlock the potential of a science degree

December 14, 2023

Join this free webinar to explore how you can combine a science degree with your passion, another field or a world changing goal.

Wednesday 28 February 12pm (AEDT)

Science careers are more than just lab coats and experiments. The truth is, science is a really broad area to work in. People who have a science degree can work in corporate consultancies, in research, in large scale infrastructure, or anywhere. Often without a lab in sight.

In this webinar you’ll meet a leader in Antarctic conservation, a reef restoration pioneer, a biological scientist who advises companies on environmental conservation, and a graduate hydrogeologist.

Brought to you with the support of QUT, this webinar unlocks the next-level potential of a science degree. Discover the careers of tomorrow and create change in our world today.

When: 12pm AEDT, Wednesday, 28 February 2023

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Meet the panel

Dr Justine Shaw, senior research fellow, School of Biological & Environmental Sciences, QUT and investigator, ARC SRI Securing Antarctica’s Environmental Future Researcher (Making Better Decisions), QUT Centre for the Environment

Justine is a senior research fellow, at Queensland University Technology. A research leader in Antarctic conservation, she leads projects on native and invasive species, decision science and Antarctic and sub-Antarctic conservation. Her research publications span a range of topics. Her work focuses at the interface of policy, governance and ecosystem science. She first went south as an ecologist with the Australian Antarctic Program in 1996, and has continued to travel south. Justine has a large global research network, having lead field teams in Australia, South Africa, sub-Antarctic, Antarctica and the Arctic. Justine studies plants, seabirds and invertebrates in the field. She works on Australia’s islands and in Antarctica. As an expert Justine sits on several advisory boards and committees, focused on conservation, threatened species and managing invasive species.

Justine is an advocate for gender equity and inclusivity in STEMM. Justine is a co-founder of Homeward Bound, a global organization aimed at elevating the visibility of women in STEMM and having more women in leadership roles globally. She has co-lead three Homeward Boundvoyages to Antarctica. She is co-founder of Women in Polar Science Network.

Justine has worked in government and in the University sector for over 25 years. She sits on the Board of two not for profit organisation in Australia focused on conservation, sustainability and gender equity.

Joel Alroe, lecturer in the School of Earth and Atmospheric Science, QUT

Joel completed his Bachelors of Applied Science (Physics) and Maths, and PhD (Atmospheric Physics) at Queensland University of Technology where he is now a lecturer in the School of Earth and Atmospheric Science. His research focuses on the climate-relevant properties of sea spray and other airborne particles in the marine environment. His research has taken him from the remote pristine Southern Ocean and Antarctica to several coastal sites around Australia and the Great Barrier Reef. Most recently, he has been working with the Reef Restoration and Adaptation Project to develop a seawater fog generator that can shade corals and reduce their risk of bleaching from intense sunlight.

Sophie Barrett, environmental scientist

Sophie holds a double degree in Bachelor of Science (Biological Sciences)/ Bachelor of Business (Human Resource Management) and aims to combine her knowledge and experience from both her science and business backgrounds in order to make a sustainable difference in corporate, industry or government spheres.

She is currently an environmental scientist at BMT, a maritime-orientated high-end design house and technical consulting firm driven by a passion for solving complex, real-world problems. BMT delivers design, engineering and consulting excellence in a world of ever-increasing change: growing compliance, new global competitors, the pressure to do more with less, ever-faster innovation cycles and less time to exploit market positions or new technologies.

Gidyea Venner, graduate hydrogeologist

Gidyea studied a Bachelor of Science (Environmental Science) at QUT and is now a graduate hydrogeologist for Australasian Groundwater and Environmental (AGE).

In this role, Gidyea is helping to supervise drilling efforts for monitoring wells on a major infrastructural project in Queensland. This involves advising on casing and development, as well as regular sampling and monitoring tests.

He’s also completing a hydrogeological honours project, where he has submitted a thesis on mapping the shallow springs of the Great Artesian Basin (GAB); a geophysical, hydrochemical, and hydrogeological investigation with a case study on Turraburra, a native title property near Aramac.

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Meet the moderator

Kimberly Valenny, QUT Graduate and Graduate Front End Developer at Deloitte Digital, will be hosting our STEM + X webinar series

​Kimberly Valenny is passionate about turning ideas into realities. She is motivated by emerging technologies and how she can contribute to the future of user experience design and software development as a Graduate Front End Developer at Deloitte Digital.

​Kimberly completed a double degree in Information Technology and Creative Industries at QUT, with majors in Computer Science and Interactive & Visual Design. She was also the 2021 President of Women in Technology, a student society that aims to unite, inspire and empower strong like-minded females studying all things tech at QUT.

​Still eager to get involved in initiatives and networks, Kimberly is a member of the ACS QLD Emerging Professionals Committee and of the QUT IT Industry Advisory Group. She also tutors as a Sessional Academic at QUT for a first year ‘Introduction to Web Design’ unit and is an ambassador for the QUT Faculty of Science marketing team.

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