The startup nation

Israel provides lessons in linking education and innovation.

The Year in Science

In an amazing year in science a new culture of innovation, planetary discoveries, medical advances and more showed how science can contribute to society.

Award for medical researcher’s global impact

An outstanding Perkins researcher has made his mark on Australian and global science, and has been honoured with the Vice Chancellor of UWA’s Mid-Career Research Award.

Microtechnology manufacturing success

MiniFAB have risen to success through the production of micro-scale technologies produced for a global market.

Big data to solve global issues

Curtin University’s spatial sciences teams are using big data, advanced processing power and community engagement to solve social and environmental problems.

Irrigation innovation

Rubicon is an Australian innovation success story involved in massive irrigation projects in China.

Australia Asia innovation

A revolution in the commercialisation of science ingenuity is taking Australian ideas abroad – with a strong focus on reaching the Asian market and furthering Australia Asia innovation.

IP fund boosts commercialisation

A program to fund the protection of intellectual property at universities has almost doubled the filing of provisional patents in the past three years, says Sarah Keenihan.

Science’s $145 billion value

A report released today has found that advanced physical and mathematical sciences make a direct contribution to the Australian economy of around $145 billion a year, ~11% of GDP.

Fields of glory

New technologies at the frontier of Australia’s agricultural boom are set to secure our place as a strong global competitor, write Rosslyn Beeby.

The new class

Australian innovation is making an impact on the world stage as businesses and researchers forge ahead into foreign markets says Penny Pryor.