What’s your story?

Inspiring Australia’s Jackie Randles explores the how and why behind sharing your journey as a researcher.

Biophotonics pioneer

Professor Dayong Jin from the University of Technology, Sydney is harnessing light to revolutionise the future of medicine.

NASA’s Women in STEM

They really do exist! NASA’s ‘ghostbusters’ bust myths about careers in STEM.

Australia’s most innovative women engineers

Meet the women from the group of outstanding professionals who were awarded ‘Australia’s Most Innovative Engineers 2016’ in Engineer Australia’s magazine, create.

Fighting poverty and championing equality

Laura Boykin is using science to help farmers in East Africa fight the devastating effects of whiteflies on cassava crops.

Thrill of discovery

Biochemist and passionate supporter of gender equality in science, Marilyn Anderson, challenges the norm.

Women in STEM: Mathilde Desselle

Meet Mathilde Desselle, director of Women in Technology and programme co-ordinator at The University of Queensland.

Top 25 leaders: Darren Kelly

The founder, CEO and director of Fibrotech Therapeutics shares the key drivers to biotechnology startups.

International Women’s Day at Monash

Women from the Faculties of Engineering and IT at Monash University, speaking candidly about their experiences of academic life.

Text mining gold

Discovering hidden connections in the mass of scientific data on the web will become easier – thanks to Karin Verspoor.

Marine ecosystem impacts

Changing biodiversity patterns and its effects on fisheries are one of the less well know marine ecosystem impacts, according to marine ecologist Dr Adriana Vergés.

Extreme researcher

Heatwaves are predicted to increase in intensity and frequency according to climate change expert Dr Sarah Perkins-Kirkpatrick.

Bioinformatician on the move

Bioinformatician Harriet Dashnow investigates how mutations in the human genome can lead to genetic disorders.

Winning the space race

First Australian scientist and first woman to lead project team for life on Mars, Dr Abigail Allwood, returns home to share her research and work with NASA.

Building a dream

Professor Zongping Shao is passionate about producing safe, reliable and sustainable vehicles.

Foundations for Success

Richard Oliver has helped secure the biggest grant in Curtin University’s history.

Molecular detective studies mass extinction events

Much of what we know about mass extinction events is thanks to research by John Curtin Distinguished Professor Kliti Grice.

Supercontinent Revolution

Professor of geology at Curtin University Dr Zheng-Xiang Li, an authority on supercontinents.

A Remarkable Career

In 2001, Simon Wilde received extensive media attention for his discovery of the oldest object ever found on Earth.

Portrait of an engineer-politician

Karen Andrews is a passionate engineer and an inspiration for future generations of engineers, scientists and mathematicians.

Immense Vision

Radio astronomer Professor Steven Tingay observes the skies using a $50 million telescope he and his team built in remote outback Western Australia.

Mosquito urban wetlands

Safer, healthier and biodiverse urban wetlands are the goal for Jayne Hanford’s PhD research.

Australia’s leaders in research and innovation are honoured

Australia’s top researchers are recognised at the 2015 Thomson Reuters Australian Citation & Innovation Awards.

Designing the future

Two researchers from Flinders University have a vision to make the world a better place, and are using STEM smarts and industry collaboration to make it a reality.