University science underpins our journey to net zero

Achieving net zero is a grand challenge that relies on universities’ science innovation, deep history and escalating the journey forward.

Opinion: We must future-proof Australia’s high-performance-computing framework

Stuart Strickland, COO of WA based DUG Technology identifies issues within Australia’s High Performance Computing framework.

Bringing science’s workforce forward

Professor Brian Schmidt explores how science changes the world through the efforts of the exceptional people behind it.

The value of university science

Dr Katherine Woodthorpe asserts that university research is never just basic, or just commercialisable: it’s a complex value chain that drives innovation.

Chief Scientist calls for a national conversation to develop a new set of national science priorities

The Australian Government has asked me to development of a draft list of national science priorities.

Energy Innovation Series: Trends and data-driven solutions

Grace Young, Chief of Innovation at Wattwatchers explores technology trends and data-driven solutions that are propelling energy management.

From Australia to Silicon Valley: 6 lessons in the pathway to deep tech venture capital

Building a deep tech innovation ecosystem is challenging — so what might we be able to learn from our neighbours over in Silicon Valley? Luckily the answer is plenty.

Pandemic leaves scientists exposed says science and innovation leader

Dr Katherine Woodthorpe emphasised the value of the long-running CRC program before going on to warn of the threats facing science today.

Opinion: Expediting science expertise

Australian universities have a vital role to play in ensuring that we have sufficient people with the advanced skills needed to run such sophisticated industries.

Connecting knowledge to market

Bridging the gap between science and SMEs provides huge benefits to society, says Sally-Ann Williams of Cicada Innovations.

How AI in health apps can make you fitter

PhD researcher Huong Ly Tong is adding AI to apps to see how fitness tracking can be personalised.

From self-driving cars to better basketball shots

Professor Simon Lucey, co-director at the Australian Institute for Machine Learning in Adelaide, South Australia has seen first hand the benefits of collaboration.

How a late-night phonecall in 2016 triggered ‘incredible progress’ on clean energy

Reflections on the role, from Australia’s former Chief Scientist, Dr Alan Finkel AO as he departs the Office of the Chief Scientist, after five years in the top job.

Livestream STEM Event

The next generation needs to know this

Algal biotech startups, the future of math, AI in healthcare and preventing hate speech on social media – find out what you need to know about 2021’s future industries.

Why we work better together

University science works with the CSIRO to build communities around new and groundbreaking areas of research as well as facilitating connections and collaborations with industry.

Building partnerships and networks: September STEM Lighting Lunch

STEM Lightning Lunches are keeping the momentum going with regular online networking sessions for the STEM engagement community.

Deep tech and its billion dollar opportunity for transformational change

While Australia is falling behind when it comes to producing R&D leaders playing on the global stage, the opportunity is there.

University science mobilises in a pandemic: Opinion

Professor John Shine AC FRS PresAA on the proud history of university science helping us to understand, protect against, and prevent many infectious diseases, from influenza to the viruses that cause some cancers.

Opinion: Universities must build better funding models

Universities can avert a funding crisis and save many research projects from closing by adopting more sustainable and profitable alternative revenue structures, two leading wealth managers say.

Celebrating 30 years of CRC success

It’s 30 years since the Cooperative Research Centres (CRC) Program was established. During this period, it has boosted productivity, grown the economy and created jobs.

Towards diverse boards: Pathways to directorship

Increased diversity in the boardroom is critical to innovation, says CRC Association CEO Tony Peacock.

Australian University Science Issue 2: Water Futures

Discover the real impact of university science in this issue of Australian University Science: Water Futures.

Australian University Science: Knowledge and impact

Professor Ian Chubb AC explains why Australian University Science delivers the tools and people Australia needs for a better future.

Innovation, perspiration and consultation

Tony Peacock, CEO of the CRC Association, says that planning is a critical phase of innovation and it requires both a human and technical approach.