6 Disruptive University Technologies

From energy harvesting skyscrapers to Zika zapping, here are some of the most creative and potentially disruptive university technologies of 2016.

Blue technology revolution

Whether it’s research, engineering or harvesting energy these 12 emerging technologies are set to change the way we work under the sea.

Renewable energy is getting cheaper

We always hear that renewable energy is getting cheaper, but what does that really mean?

Great Barrier Reef cleanup

A new report from Alluvium has estimated that cleaning up the Great Barrier Reef will cost $8.2 billion. How does this compare with its value?

Research infrastructure makes industry impact

Australia’s cutting-edge research data wouldn’t be what it is today without the National Collaborative Research Infrastructure Strategy (NCRIS).

How to balance gender in STEM

Gender disparity in STEM careers and postgraduate enrolments reveals a system needing an overhaul.

Kick-starting student startups

UTS is powering up student-founded startups with its new Hatchery and Hatchery+ incubator programs.

Innovating Australia

Australia’s thought leaders describe their vision for the future.

CO₂ cuts nutrition

Climate change will have an impact on plant growth and the nutritional value of the food we produce.

Top 25 insights: spin-off start-ups

What advice do the Top 25 R&D spin-off companies have for future start-ups?

Top 25 insights: start-up challenges

How did the Top 25 R&D spin-off companies overcome major start-up challenges?

Top 25 insights: valley of death

Leaders of the Top 25 R&D spin-off companies share how their companies made it past the ‘valley of death’.

Top 25: international insights

Leaders of the Top 25 R&D spin-off companies talk about the lessons they have taken from overseas markets.

Top 25 insights: venture capital

What do some of the Top 25 R&D spin-off company executives have to say about overcoming risk and attracting capital?

Top 25 R&D spin-offs

Meet the best in the business – Australian companies that have successfully moved their R&D from lab to marketplace.

Women in science and business

For Australia to move forward with a new #ideasboom, promoting collaboration and partnerships over pure academic achievement, women in science must lead the charge.

Collaborate or crumble

Finding collaborators and creating an interdisciplinary culture is key to successful research commercialisation.

Connecting graduates with businesses

Australian companies are collaborating with early career researchers to find commercial solutions to real-life problems.

How do octopi say hi

After watching more than 52 hours of octopus video footage researchers have found octopuses do have a social life – and it’s not without drama.

Meet the innovators

The Knowledge Nation 100 highlights the innovators leading Australia’s STEM economy.

Innovation and Science on Turnbull agenda

Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull recently announced the creation of a National Innovation and Science Agenda.

Growth factor

Curtin’s John De Laeter Centre, a suite of high-precision instruments and global collaborations are creating an innovation hub, where engineering and science researchers partner with industry.

Oceans of wealth

Curtin University is supporting crucial research in managing precious water resources.

Small scale, big consequences

Researchers examine the world on an atomic and subatomic level to solve major problems.