Getting into a top graduate program

Cochlear’s Chief Software Architect Victor Rodrigues reveals what makes a prospective graduate stand out.

Industry experience propels graduates

Ai Group CEO Innes Willox discusses the STEM deficit and highlights the importance of gaining industry experience while studying.

Fast-tracking women in STEM

There is a simple business case for the increased participation of women in STEM.

Innovation and commercialisation awards

Meet the three winners of the Clunies Ross Awards in these short videos from the Australian Academy of Technology and Engineering.

Australia’s STEM workforce

Australia’s Chief Scientist has released the first detailed analysis of Australia’s STEM workforce.

Women in STEM: Mathilde Desselle

Meet Mathilde Desselle, director of Women in Technology and programme co-ordinator at The University of Queensland.

International Women’s Day at Monash

Women from the Faculties of Engineering and IT at Monash University, speaking candidly about their experiences of academic life.

Connecting graduates with businesses

Australian companies are collaborating with early career researchers to find commercial solutions to real-life problems.

Women engineers kick-start STEMM

Monash University’s Future Women Leaders Conference addresses gender gap in research engineering.

Annual honorific awards

Innovators and leading thinkers are recognised in the Australian Academy of Science’s annual honorific awards.

Supercontinent Revolution

Professor of geology at Curtin University Dr Zheng-Xiang Li, an authority on supercontinents.

A Remarkable Career

In 2001, Simon Wilde received extensive media attention for his discovery of the oldest object ever found on Earth.

Portrait of an engineer-politician

Karen Andrews is a passionate engineer and an inspiration for future generations of engineers, scientists and mathematicians.

Immense Vision

Radio astronomer Professor Steven Tingay observes the skies using a $50 million telescope he and his team built in remote outback Western Australia.

Mosquito urban wetlands

Safer, healthier and biodiverse urban wetlands are the goal for Jayne Hanford’s PhD research.

Housing industry could save auto jobs

Growth in Australia’s modular building housing industry could save jobs from the auto manufacturing industry.

Transforming innovation in Australia

Why small business could change the innovation game.

Award-winning app boosts mental health help for youth

Young people are up to 10 times more likely to disclose mental health concerns using a new app.

The next 25 years of Australian R&D

Australia’s world-leading Cooperative Research Centres program will be celebrating 25 years of science impact and achievement at its annual conference in Canberra on 25 May.

Happy gaming

CRC Researcher Daniel Johnson is part of a team investigating the positive effects for gaming on wellbeing, writes Neha Karl.

Healthier stock for dairy farmers

PhD candidate Jane Kelley’s research could be a breakthrough for the dairy industry.

Leading sustainable design

Dr Briony Rogers makes urban water systems more sustainable and resilient to the impacts of climate change.

Fresh opportunities

The Low Carbon Living CRC’s ambitious goal is to drive Australia’s carbon emissions down by 10 megatonnes by 2020. Gemma Chilton reports.