Dare to talk about your ideas

Researchers often underestimate the impact that their knowledge and projects can have, says former SmP delegate, Dr Anne-Sophie Dielen.

STEM work experience exciting the next generation

‘When a STEM work experience student came knocking on gemaker’s door, accepting her came with a warning – we don’t do boring.’

Connecting Women Leaders in STEM

Jo Stewart-Rattray, Board Director of ISACA and Director of Information Security at BRM Holdich, offers a multifaceted approach for developing women leaders in STEM.

Women’s network supports health and medical researchers

Dr Melina Georgousakis tells the story behind founding Franklin Women, Australia’s only network for women working in health research.

L’Oréal Women in Science 2016

Meet the winners of the 2016 L’Oréal-UNESCO For Women in Science fellowships.

“Healthcare is not a system”

Paul Nicolarakis, CEO of the CRC spin-off Lorica Health, explains their business model in a five minute pitch made at the 2016 Tech23 event.

New Zealand welcomes Careers with Code

Following the launch of Careers with Code in the USA last month, the Australian-made computer science guide has just arrived in schools around New Zealand.

WA women join Antarctic leadership mission

Australian scientists join an international group travelling to Antarctica to raise the voice of women working towards global sustainability.

Empowering knowledge transfer

The world’s first Technology Transfer Professional (TTP) Capability Framework has been developed to help TTPs take research to market more effectively.

Balancing career and family

Captain Mona Shindy describes her journey as a pioneer in the Royal Australian Navy.

Changing the way we fund research

Dr Saraid Billiards of the NHMRC sheds light on funding reforms that are vital to the retention and progression of women in STEM.

Not just a ‘pipeline’ problem

The University of Newcastle’s Dr Nikola Bowden addresses misconceptions about the biggest issues for women in STEM.

Eureka Prize Winners of 2016

Meet the winners of the 2016 Eureka Prizes, which showcase the best advancements in Australian science, technology and innovation.

Career breaks in STEM

Industry leaders at the national Women in STEM Leadership Summit discuss how to maintain work-life balance and incorporate important breaks into a successful STEM career.

Is commercialisation the dark side?

Founder and Managing Director of gemaker, Natalie Chapman, explores the common perception of research commercialisation as ‘the dark side of the force’.

Science graduates high risk or high reward?

Australia’s academic and industry leaders call the Grattan Institute’s Mapping Higher Education Report “near-sighted” in its assessment of science graduate employability.

Biophotonics pioneer

Professor Dayong Jin from the University of Technology, Sydney is harnessing light to revolutionise the future of medicine.

NASA’s Women in STEM

They really do exist! NASA’s ‘ghostbusters’ bust myths about careers in STEM.

Graduate employment in a changing world

Australia’s thought leaders reveal what makes graduates invaluable to organisational success, and how to stand out in the race for future jobs.

The value of Google interns

Stephanie Borgman, the head of staffing programs at Google, explains how internships offer mutual opportunities for students and businesses.

Founders fuelled by STEM

Venture capital investor and company director Andrew Coppin looks at the changing demographic of founders in today’s startup scene.

Engineering careers in business

Leeanne Bond reveals how thinking like an engineer can make a world of difference in business.

Preparing graduates for the future of work

UTS Vice-Chancellor Attila Brungs sheds light on how we can equip graduates with the right skills to compete in a changing global market.

Building STEM skills

Tanya Monro, Deputy Vice Chancellor of Research and Innovation at the University of South Australia, discusses why STEM skills are key to Australia’s prosperity.