Australian hydrogen company recognised as world leader

November 15, 2021

Australian company Countrywide Renewable Hydrogen Limited (CRH) has been awarded “World’s Best Hydrogen Brand” at a global conference in Iceland.

Image: CRH renewable hydrogen project offering bus refuelling

Australian company Countrywide Renewable Hydrogen Limited (CRH) has been awarded “World’s Best Hydrogen Brand” at a global conference in Iceland.

CRH originates and progresses the development of hydrogen projects that use renewable energy resources to produce hydrogen for mobility, the decarbonisation of natural gas and displacing diesel for power generation.

On request, CRH lodged a submission to the Charge Energy Awards and was successful in its category.

CRH Managing Director Geoffrey Drucker said, “We are naturally proud of this achievement being a small Australian company operating in the huge global hydrogen market where there are many large companies investing heavily in hydrogen as the fuel of the future.

“This recognition, in the company of leading organisations like the International Energy Agency, not only made the award substantial, it provided CRH with a platform to participate in the Iceland conference. 

“The timing of the award could not be more opportune now that the Federal Coalition has freshly committed to net zero emissions by 2050. 

“Such a commitment cannot just be in words; action is required to meet such a commitment and the starting points will be the decarbonisation of road transport, natural gas and power generation. In all areas, hydrogen will play a key role.

“Beyond emissions reduction there are other positive outcomes to this commitment. They include investment in hydrogen production, refuelling, education and training to upskill diesel mechanics in maintaining fuel cell vehicles, R&D opportunities for universities, manufacturing and powering remote communities and islands.”

CRH is progressing three renewable hydrogen projects in Australia, one in Tasmania and two in Victoria.  The Tasmanian project will supply hydrogen produced using the state’s abundance of green hydro and wind power to transition road transport to emission-free fuel cell propulsion, blending hydrogen into the state’s natural gas network and replacing diesel for power generation.

The Victorian projects comprise the Melbourne Hydrogen Hub which will supply hydrogen to three bus companies to begin their transition to emission-free transport, and a domestic plus export project at Portland.

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  1. His speech seemed not delivered much from science, he sounded more like politician; his answers to jurnalysts’ questions have not made impression on jurnalyst and viewers. CSRO misses opportunity to address vital areas for Australia during his mandate.

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