Aussie scrubs manufacturer puts sustainability and science at the forefront of medical wear

February 22, 2022

Australian designed, sustainable scrubs made from 48% recycled post-consumer water bottles.

Based in Sydney, Founder Parry Laxman and his local team made it a mission to incorporate innovation, functionality and sustainability to create ‘wearable safety’ using a unique anti-viral and anti-bacterial technology called Arma Tech. 

With COVID confirming the necessity of scientifically proven protection for medical workers, the technology-based fabrics are researched, refined, modified and tested to keep apparel free from microorganisms.

Kangarama’s goal from the beginning was to produce Australian designed scrubs with the planet at the forefront, with the garments made from 48% recycled post-consumer water bottles. Kangarama also uses Oeko-Tex certified environmentally friendly dyes and is packed in compostable packaging.

Each apparel has been approved by ISO standards for skin irritation and cytotoxicity, with the results showing that there are no side effects of the garment’s fabric, allowing it to be worn daily with comfortability. 

Owner Parry Laxman: “COVID inspired me to start Kangarama whilst being in the textile industry. It got me thinking that there must be something we can do to apply anti-viral and anti-bacterial technology onto fabrics, and after a lot of research and trials we found the right way.”

Keeping with the Australian theme the name ‘Kangarama’ is a completely unique word, created by the company combining an iconic Australian animal, the Kangaroo, with the verbal sound of armour. 

The brand’s mission is to provide ‘wearable safety’ that is also durable and comfortable, whilst still being fashionable. With a clear purpose their medical wear has been thoughtfully created so those in the healthcare industry can make sustainable choices while knowing they are protected with the most up to date technology.

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