Leading universities join Uniseed venture fund to invest in future of Australian innovation

Monash University joins as partner, along with the University of Newcastle, UTS, Western Sydney University, and Macquarie University.

Using “superhero bugs” and AI to save lives from infections

Curtin University research is aiming to combine artificial intelligence with natural, infection-fighting viruses to help save lives from an increasingly common medical emergency found in hospitals.

Construction begins on Big Build $40 million Eagle Farm TAFE Robotics and Advanced Manufacturing Centre

CIMIC Group’s Broad Construction has been selected to deliver TAFE Queensland’s new Robotics and Advanced Manufacturing Centre at the Eagle Farm TAFE campus.

National Innovation Challenge for Australia’s First Lunar Rover Arm Design Opens

Launched by ELO2 & Freelancer.com, the new challenge will allow Australian innovators to contribute to Australia’s first lunar rover.

UNSW Sunswift Racing claims Bridgestone World Solar Challenge victory after wind drama in Outback

UNSW student team ranked #1 in prestigious solar car race across Australia despite weather conditions preventing all Cruiser Class competitors from completing the full 3600km distance from Darwin to Adelaide.

Mass coral breeding methods amidst raft of breakthroughs to protect reefs

Scientists and engineers have pioneered new techniques to mass produce healthy baby corals, which could help restore reefs damaged by the impacts of climate change.

Scientists from UNSW Sydney reveal biases in the field of coral reef research

This latest study has provided a ‘birds eye view’ of the state of coral health research, highlighting key areas of improvement for the research field

Deep freezing native plants at risk of extinction

A process similar to that used to store human embryos is being used by scientists at The University of Queensland to save native Australian plants.

Green hydrogen project takes Curtinnovation Awards’ biggest prize

A new and cost-effective way to extract green hydrogen from untreated water has won the highest prize at this year’s Curtinnovation Awards.

Construction begins on world-first natural gas research facility

Building work has begun on a landmark natural gas research facility which could significantly shape future offshore projects around the world.

Refraction Media celebrates 10 years of busting STEM stereotypes

Refraction Media co-founders reflect on 10 years of publishing high school resource, Careers with STEM.

Electronic sensor the size of a single molecule a potential game-changer

Australian researchers have developed a molecular-sized, more efficient version of a widely used electronic sensor.

Opinion: We must future-proof Australia’s high-performance-computing framework

Stuart Strickland, COO of WA based DUG Technology identifies issues within Australia’s High Performance Computing framework.

Sanofi partnership brings global research development to Gold Coast

New Griffith University site for the Translational Science Hub brings global vaccine R&D to the Gold Coast.

Monash team breaks record for human powered bicycle

Monash team reaches speeds of 116kmh to officially become Australia’s fastest human powered bicycle.

CSIRO invests $500K to help Indigenous students pursue futures in STEM

The CSIRO Indigenous STEM Scholarship will now be awarded in perpetuity following a further $500,000 gift.

Project aims to produce cheap, highly efficient, environmentally friendly solar cells

Researchers from QUT have partnered with solar cell manufacturers in a project that aims to commercialise ultra-low cost, flexible perovskite solar cells.

Minister opens new high-tech robotics manufacturing facility Sydney

Australian AI-based robotics and navigation firm Advanced Navigation has opened a new high-tech robotics facility for autonomous systems at UTS Tech Lab in Sydney.

Latest issue of Australian University Science out now!

Impact: What lies beneath? Australian University Science highlights the interplay between university research and industry.

Nurturing the spirit of human discovery

Cradles of innovation, Australian universities nurture the soul of science, driving tomorrow’s breakthroughs.

4 ways Australian university science is driving discovery

It takes the whole faculty to foster exceptional science. Here are four ways Australian University Science is paving the way to exceptional innovation.

Behind the breakthroughs – the realm of quantum

Australia’s universities have built the nation’s quantum expertise and abilities for decades, making a multibillion-dollar industry possible.

Australia’s leading engineers and technologists call for net zero by 2035

The Australian Academy of Technological Sciences and Engineering (ATSE) has today called on the Federal Government to commit to an ambitious target of net zero greenhouse gas emissions by 2035.

Project aims to produce cheap, highly efficient, environmentally friendly solar cells

Researchers from QUT have partnered with solar cell manufacturers in a project that aims to commercialise ultra-low cost, flexible perovskite solar cells.