Globally renowned Professor Shizhang Qiao crowned SA Scientist of the Year

Professor Shizhang Qiao awarded for his transformative work in materials science for energy conversion and storage technologies.

Bionic Vision Technologies keeps its eye on the prize

Australia company Bionic Vision Technologies is in the race to produce the first bionic eye.

Nuclear technology underpinning the space race

Register for the next ANSTO x Science Meets Business Innovation Series webinar exploring how nuclear technology can benefit the space and aerospace industries.

Defence innovator takes out Advanced Technologies prize

NSW defence contractor wins at the Australian Export awards with a counter drone protection product.

The best in humans and machines combine to reimagine intelligence

The new $12 million Collaborative Intelligence Future Science Platform aims to maximise the benefits of both human and machine intelligence.

Strategies for increasing representation of girls in STEM & IT

Best practice includes reaching out to girls early, recruiting strategically into undergraduate degrees and facilitating positive and inclusive experiences.

Can spare EV battery capacity support the grid?

Australia launches international trial to see if electric vehicle spare battery capacity can support the grid.

Australia and United States partner to build quantum

Quantum partnership to promote research and development, and greater market access for quantum businesses in both nations.

Diagnosing jaundice instantly with a digital camera

New imaging software can accurately diagnose jaundice in newborn babies and set treatment in action.

Nominations open for Prime Minister’s Science Prizes

Nominations are now open in the seven categories of Australia’s most prestigious science prizes, which award up to a total of $750,000 in prize money.

Nuclear medicine delivering improvements in diagnosis and treatment of cancer

Register for the next ANSTO x Science Meets Business Innovation Series exploring how nuclear is medicine delivering improvements in human health and the treatment and diagnosis of cancer.

Joint Venture to make GMP theranostic radiopharmaceuticals

The two leading nuclear medicine enterprises have come together to develop, manufacture and supply radiopharmaceuticals for cancer treatments.

Tech entrepreneurs and sport scientists unite to drive innovation

The ASTN-ESSA MOU to drive collaboration between sportstech startups and qualified exercise and sports science professionals, academics and researchers.

CommBank and CSIRO partner to develop climate change insights to boost finance sector resilience

Joint public-private sector initiative to investigate potential impacts of climate change to the finance sector

New Australian imaging technology set to provide better insight into aircraft stress

Australian invention provides real time imagery that helps quantify material stress and detect fatigue cracks

Program to accelerate SME growth in space industry

CSIRO has opened applications for a new program for small to medium businesses working in the space sector.

Looking for engineering equipment for your lab or classroom? Here are 5 reasons to check out RS.

Engineers make our lives better and RS Components is committed to inspiring and supporting the future generation of engineers. 

COVID-19 vaccine pioneer awarded Prime Minister’s Prize for Science

The Prime Minister’s Prizes for Science are Australia’s most prestigious awards for outstanding achievements in scientific research, research-based innovation, and excellence in science teaching.

Australian MedTech innovation goes global

Australian technology innovator Canaria Technologies has partnered with Rio Tinto globally to roll out its ground-breaking predictive biometric technology as part of an international pilot program.

nandin startup has its moonshot in sight

ANSTO, Australia’s knowledge centre for nuclear science and engineering, is part of Australia’s Space Race, helping Australian companies develop technology for the nation’s fledgling space industry.

Promoting sustainable transport through adventure

After designing and building a solar powered tuk tuk, Julian O’Shea realised how novelty could bring attention to eco-vehicles and inspire sustainable lifestyle decisions.

CSIRO and partners scope NT Hub to lower emissions and boost investment

NT hub could create a blueprint for other low emissions hubs around Australia.

Catalysts found to convert carbon dioxide to fuel

The goal of tackling global warming by turning carbon dioxide into fuel could be one step closer with researchers using a supercomputer to identify a group of “single-atom” catalysts that could play a key role.

Smart microscope slides detect cancer

Innovative microscope slide promises to revolutionise medical imaging.