Green frontier

Dr Pia Winberg explains how it is possible to improve our gut health by introducing seaweed dietary fibres to the western diet.

Researchers ride new sound wave to health discovery

Acoustics experts have created a new class of sound wave that could lead to a revolution in stem cell therapy.

Safety of chromium questioned

Concerns have been raised over the long-term use of nutritional supplements containing chromium.

Love Hertz

Scientists at JCU have created a cheap and effective audio lure to collect the species of mosquito that carries dengue and yellow fever.

New vision for Indigenous eye care

Innovative toolkit to improve eye care for Indigenous Australia.

Computer vision saves lives

A new automated detection system increases how efficiently we diagnose bacterial infections.

Bioinformatician on the move

Bioinformatician Harriet Dashnow investigates how mutations in the human genome can lead to genetic disorders.

Evaluating Chinese medicine

RMIT researchers have published two reference books on evidence-based clinical Chinese medicine.

Australian researchers develop Big Data tool to test new medicines

Australian scientists have developed a a rapid detection tool to map the effects of new medicines already on the market.

Food recall app

Researchers have developed an innovative app that alerts Australians to recently recalled food products.

Dengue research gets Grand Challenges Explorations grant

The University of Queensland receives Grand Challenges Explorations Grant for groundbreaking research in global health and development.

New therapy calms inflammation in ‘butterfly’ skin

A new product has been developed that could potentially treat all people with inflammatory skin conditions.

Doorway to cancer data

Genome data portals are supporting scientists in the hunt for a cancer cure.

Flexible electronic devices

Award-winning RMIT scientist has the chance to work with international partners to turn flexible electronics into commercial products.

Using Big Data to save tiny lives

Computer scientist Carolyn McGregor has developed a disruptive technology utilising big data.

Medical device could save lives

Students at RMIT University developed an award-winning system that facilitates sharing of ECG scans to improve positive patient outcomes.

Passage of the Medical Research Future Fund Bill

The passage of the MRFF Bill 2015 will strengthen Australia’s position as a global leader in medical research.

Far-sighted treatment for myopia

Vision CRC is developing a program to reduce the incidence of myopia, a condition affecting 27% of the globe.

Award for medical researcher’s global impact

An outstanding Perkins researcher has made his mark on Australian and global science, and has been honoured with the Vice Chancellor of UWA’s Mid-Career Research Award.

Mosquito urban wetlands

Safer, healthier and biodiverse urban wetlands are the goal for Jayne Hanford’s PhD research.

Baby immunisation: One in 10 infants at risk

A study has shown children from socially disadvantaged backgrounds are at greater risk because they lack immunisation.

Brain teaser: 3D-printed ’tissue’ to help combat disease

Researchers 3D print artificial brain tissue to investigate the effect of drugs and explore brain disorders.

3D-printing makes better bone screw

A novel type of expandable bone fastener created by 3D-printing can make spinal surgery safer for the patient and easier for the surgeon. 

Test on chemo drugs predict side effects

A test hopes to identify chemotherapy drugs causing unwanted side effects for sarcoma cancer patients.