Real-time irrigation monitoring

CRC CARE has developed new soil monitoring technology to provide farmers with cheaper, more immediate irrigation feedback.

Australia’s biofuture

Australia is well positioned to take advantage of opportunities in the economic growth area of biocommodities.

CO₂ cuts nutrition

Climate change will have an impact on plant growth and the nutritional value of the food we produce.

Protecting Australian wine

Rapid DNA analysis is ensuring early detection of pests posing a significant threat to commercial grapevines.

Farm tech saves harvest

Advances in farming technology are being credited for an average grain harvest in South Australia despite a devastating fire.

Potential in the north of Australia

The potential of Australia’s untapped north is compared to America’s west 200 years ago as international and domestic investors meet in Darwin.

New tool for grapevines

A new app developed by University of Adelaide researchers will help grape growers manage their vines.

Saving grains

Communication, genetics expertise and on-the-ground knowledge help distinguish the research outcomes of Curtin’s Centre for Crop and Disease Management.

Foundations for Success

Richard Oliver has helped secure the biggest grant in Curtin University’s history.

New biosecurity centre to stop fruit flies

Upgraded bio-security measures to combat fruit fly will be introduced in Australia.

Work on barren soil may bear fruit

Scientists have made significant progress in determining what causes soil acidification.

Big data to solve global issues

Curtin University’s spatial sciences teams are using big data, advanced processing power and community engagement to solve social and environmental problems.

Two new barley plant genes discovered

A group of international researchers have discovered two new genes in the barley plant that will shed light on the history of agriculture and also bring new capabilities to barley breeding programs.

The Water Cycle

We explore the wonderful world of water in this new animation.

Pig and poultry welfare research receives $1 million grant

A $1 million grant will to expand animal welfare research facilities.

Growth Centre gets tick of approval

The new Food and Agribusiness Growth Centre has been approved.

New web-based ram selection app wows sheep breeders

Sheep breeders, commercial producers can access a new genetic selection tool that improves breeding outcomes.

Innovations in grape growing technology apply across the industry

‘Vinnovation’ competition pushes grape growers to (v)innovate for the benefit of farmers state-wide.

Help to combat pest animals is only a click away

The Invasive Animals Cooperative Research Centre have a new online pest animal toolkit.

Lending fresh air to grain pest problem

Wheat growers are excited by early data from an on-farm experiment to assess a non-chemical method of reducing insect damage in stored cereal grain.

Growing the north

The top end of Australia is a region with promising export capabilities. Rosslyn Beeby looks into Australia’s burgeoning northern food bowl.

Drone used to drop beneficial bugs on corn crop

UQ agricultural science student Michael Godfrey has developed a drone that spreads beneficial insects onto crops.

Farmers wired up

Research led by James Cook University scientists in collaboration with CSIRO and QUT has come up with a rugged and affordable computer network that could be a boon for cattle farmers.

Eyes on the ground

Automation and advanced technologies hold the key to a more productive, biodiverse and safe Australian landscape, Jude Dineley reports.