The Disruptors

Australia’s productivity is poised on a knife edge as traditional boom areas bust. But four new industries are set to take up the strain.

BioClay to create healthier food futures

University discovery ‘BioClay’ helps plants protect themselves from pests without the environmental and human health impacts associated with pesticides.

Blockchain tech shaping spatial information

The CRC for Spatial Information has compiled the best blockchain ideas from PhD students taking part in their 2016 “Solvathon”.

Ensuring shelf-life right from the word ‘grow’

Curtin University collaborators have made a discovery that is set to make food and flowers last longer.

App makes research accessible to grapegrowers

Wine Australia has released a new online tool to help winegrape growers determine the rootstocks that will best suit their vineyard, based on the most recent research.

Horticulture Innovation Centre to increase farm efficiencies

Horticulture Innovation Australia has opened a new innovation centre with the University of Sydney, bringing together researchers and roboticists to support Australian growers.

IP at the root of Australia’s wheat industry

With 2016 being the UN International Year of Pulses, the Australian government takes a look at how IP in the development of new grain species has impacted the economy.

Securing the future of grain

Australia and China partner form a new research partnership towards grain biosecurity.

Peanut genome key to non-allergenic products

Aussies with a peanut allergy may soon be able to enjoy peanut butter without a reaction thanks to plans to develop a non-allergenic ‘super’ peanut.

Australia’s biosecurity future

Australia calls for leadership and coordination to avoid gaping hole in Australia’s biosecurity.

Quinoa processing removes bitter defence

Farmers have figured out how to grow quinoa to survive harsh Australian conditions, and then make it palatable.

Fighting poverty and championing equality

Laura Boykin is using science to help farmers in East Africa fight the devastating effects of whiteflies on cassava crops.

Thrill of discovery

Biochemist and passionate supporter of gender equality in science, Marilyn Anderson, challenges the norm.

Real-time irrigation monitoring

CRC CARE has developed new soil monitoring technology to provide farmers with cheaper, more immediate irrigation feedback.

Australia’s biofuture

Australia is well positioned to take advantage of opportunities in the economic growth area of biocommodities.

CO₂ cuts nutrition

Climate change will have an impact on plant growth and the nutritional value of the food we produce.

Protecting Australian wine

Rapid DNA analysis is ensuring early detection of pests posing a significant threat to commercial grapevines.

Farm tech saves harvest

Advances in farming technology are being credited for an average grain harvest in South Australia despite a devastating fire.

Potential in the north of Australia

The potential of Australia’s untapped north is compared to America’s west 200 years ago as international and domestic investors meet in Darwin.

New tool for grapevines

A new app developed by University of Adelaide researchers will help grape growers manage their vines.

Saving grains

Communication, genetics expertise and on-the-ground knowledge help distinguish the research outcomes of Curtin’s Centre for Crop and Disease Management.

Foundations for Success

Richard Oliver has helped secure the biggest grant in Curtin University’s history.

New biosecurity centre to stop fruit flies

Upgraded bio-security measures to combat fruit fly will be introduced in Australia.

Work on barren soil may bear fruit

Scientists have made significant progress in determining what causes soil acidification.