Energy Innovation Series: Making sense of the complex beast that is Australia’s electricity network

Breaking down a few of the terms and ideas underpinning the energy crisis to help you make sense of it.

Energy Innovation Series: Trends and data-driven solutions

Grace Young, Chief of Innovation at Wattwatchers explores technology trends and data-driven solutions that are propelling energy management.

Energy Innovation Series: Energy tips from the Australia’s top energy experts

Top tips for surviving, and then thriving, in the energy crisis, from Australia’s leading energy experts.

Energy Innovation Series: How to manage energy demand thresholds

A Q&A with Director of Engineering at RedBack Technologies, Adrian Knack: how to address challenges and increasing pressure on power networks?

From Australia to Silicon Valley: 6 lessons in the pathway to deep tech venture capital

Building a deep tech innovation ecosystem is challenging — so what might we be able to learn from our neighbours over in Silicon Valley? Luckily the answer is plenty.

Joint facility to drive development of the aerospace industry in Northern Australia

A new CDU-RMIT TestLab will house an advanced manufacturing and test flight facility for the development of drones at Charles Darwin University (CDU).

Australia charges ahead with new Lithium Technology

Scientists at ANSTO together with Lithium Australia Limited (LIT) have developed a world-first technology to extract more lithium from lithium mining waste.

Ground-breaking research cracks code on engineering’s biggest problem

Shock findings from the Women in Engineering Report show that the biggest reason girls don’t choose to study engineering is that they simply don’t know what engineering is, and what engineers do.

Energy Innovation Series: My Town Microgrid

MyTown Microgrid. How Heyfield, Victoria could dictate the path for all edge of grid towns in Australia as more communities are looking to make energy work better for them.

UQ secures trailblazing commercial research funding

The UQ-led Food and Beverage Accelerator (FaBA) project will receive $50 million Trailblazer funding over four years to boost growth and innovation in the sector, potentially creating thousands of new jobs.

Meteorites from the red desert of Australia support search for life on the red planet Mars

Earth meteorites could be used to find evidence of life on the planet Mars

Polymer batteries a step closer

An international research team has moved closer to developing a more sustainable, rechargeable ‘organic’ battery model by doubling its energy storage capability.

Meet Clive, UniSA’s first off-the-shelf quadruped 

Meet Clive, UniSA’s first off-the-shelf quadruped robot who joins the UniSA STEM academic unit.

New data shows health not registering as a major election issue

Health is failing to cut through in the media coverage and on social platforms despite the country being in the midst of a pandemic.

Scientists discover new phage therapy combination to combat antibiotic-resistance

Study led by Monash University scientists has found that a combination of phages and antibiotics may be far more effective against bacterial infections.

Industry-backed plan to navigate Australian biotech into the future

Australia’s biotechnology sector has united to launch a strategy for the Australian Biotechnology Industry

UNSW receives major crypto gift to fund open-source AI tool to prevent pandemics

Major crypto gift to fund UNSW’s open-source artificial intelligence tool to prevent pandemics

ShanShanWang science entrepreneur

Science entrepreneur to speak at deep tech acceleration event

Industrial designer, innovator and science entrepreneur ShanShan Wang is tackling critical health science problems.

Universities blaze a trail to commercialise defence research

A bid, led by the University of Adelaide in partnership with the UNSW, has been endorsed to assist the country’s economic recovery under the Trailblazer Universities Program.

Non-invasive skin cancer treatment manufactured by ANSTO in Southern Sydney

The innovative, non-invasive therapy utilises the radioisotope Rhenium-188 and is applied only to the area requiring treatment, sparing healthy tissue.

ANSTO Live Event: Accelerating deep tech businesses

Join a live panel discussion examining the opportunities and challenges facing deep tech businesses across fields such as health, space, energy, the environment and advanced manufacturing. 

Plant-based patties, lab-grown meat and insects: how the protein industry is innovating

As demand for alternative protein sources grows, Australians are increasingly looking for options that are healthy, sustainable and ethically made.

Engineers Australia CEO receives prestigious Women in Industry award

Dr Evans was acknowledged as an outstanding engineer and trailblazer in her field.  

Engineering diamonds to unlock computing potential

Researchers will engineer the diamond computer chip that sits at the heart of diamond quantum computers.