The Science Behind Net Zero: New issue of Australian University Science – out now.

As the world aims to move towards Net Zero emissions, university science is at the forefront of research and innovation.

The science behind net zero

Australia’s universities are spearheading the scientific innovations critical to achieving national targets in renewable energy, storage, and reduction of emissions.

University science: poised to deliver on net zero policy

University science is uniquely placed to inform government policy: ensuring debate is grounded in scientific fact, and coordinating between industry, government and society.

5 ways Australian university science drives the energy transformation

Research and innovation across diverse disciplines are accelerating our journey to cleaner, more sustainable energy.

Universities lead the way in building energy-efficient infrastructure for a net zero future

Across the nation, universities are at the forefront of designing and implementing low energy buildings.

Universities pioneer innovative chemistry for energy storage in Australia’s Net Zero quest

While renewable energy is vital to realising net zero, storage is key to securing constant supply. For many, batteries are synonymous with energy storage.

Australia targets net zero emissions with next-generation renewable energy technology

Australia plans to reach net zero emissions by 2050 and our universities are spearheading the scientific innovations to achieve it.

Innovative strategies to boost soil carbon propel Australia towards net zero emissions

Soil carbon sequestration can play a pivotal role in reducing Australia’s agricultural sector emissions.

 Zero Net Emissions Agriculture Cooperative Research Centre (ZNE-Ag CRC) set to scale sustainability

The Zero Net Emissions Agriculture Cooperative Research Centre (ZNE-Ag CRC) is Australia’s largest to date. It evolved from and relies on university science.

University science underpins our journey to net zero

Achieving net zero is a grand challenge that relies on universities’ science innovation, deep history and escalating the journey forward.

Jobs in quantum heat up, with scholarships on offer

Australia’s quantum industry needs skills and is offering generous scholarships to help build the future.

Aussie invention predicts power line faults that can cause bushfires

An early fault detection (EFD) system designed at RMIT University is helping to prevent bushfires and blackouts in North America, Europe and Australia.

Quantum allies push commercialisation 

Governments seek a startup ecosystem beyond quantum computing: Australia’s chief scientist Cathy Foley, speaking at the Quantum Australia conference this week

Free webinar: Unlock the potential of a science degree

Join this free webinar to explore how you can combine a science degree with your passion, another field or a world changing goal.

Australia’s Virtual Irrigation Academy wins COP 28 and World Economic Forum awards

Australia’s Virtual Irrigation Academy (VIA) was announced as the winner of the Inclusion Award under the Water Changemakers Innovation Awards 2023 held at COP 28 this week.

Graphene oxide study strengthens the case for smart concrete

Engineers have added graphene oxide to cement mixture to make stronger 3D printed concrete.

Revolutionising optics for Earth observation  

A new project with UniSA and industry partners VPG and SMR moves a demonstrator project to production manufacturing.

Scarcity of talent hampers Australia’s quantum industry

Quantum technologies represent a massive opportunity, but strong global competition and a scarcity of talent will hamper growth in the sector in Australia, a major industry review has found.

More than one hundred scholarships awarded to boost diversity in STEM

The Australian Academy of Technological Sciences and Engineering (ATSE) has announced 116 scholarships to support women and diverse people to thrive in science, technology, engineering and mathematics (STEM) careers.

Leading universities join Uniseed venture fund to invest in future of Australian innovation

Monash University joins as partner, along with the University of Newcastle, UTS, Western Sydney University, and Macquarie University.

Using “superhero bugs” and AI to save lives from infections

Curtin University research is aiming to combine artificial intelligence with natural, infection-fighting viruses to help save lives from an increasingly common medical emergency found in hospitals.

Construction begins on Big Build $40 million Eagle Farm TAFE Robotics and Advanced Manufacturing Centre

CIMIC Group’s Broad Construction has been selected to deliver TAFE Queensland’s new Robotics and Advanced Manufacturing Centre at the Eagle Farm TAFE campus.

National Innovation Challenge for Australia’s First Lunar Rover Arm Design Opens

Launched by ELO2 &, the new challenge will allow Australian innovators to contribute to Australia’s first lunar rover.