Fresh opportunities

The Low Carbon Living CRC’s ambitious goal is to drive Australia’s carbon emissions down by 10 megatonnes by 2020. Gemma Chilton reports.

Leading sustainable design

Dr Briony Rogers makes urban water systems more sustainable and resilient to the impacts of climate change.

Open your mind

Technology is helping us cross cultural barriers, scale vast distances, and develop collaborative workspaces.

Healthier stock for dairy farmers

PhD candidate Jane Kelley’s research could be a breakthrough for the dairy industry.

Top 25 R&D spin-offs

Top 25 R&D spin-offs

Meet the best in the business – Australian companies that have successfully moved their R&D from lab to marketplace.

Science Australia’s business heart

The Miles Review of the Cooperative Research Centres (CRC) Program has been released and endorsed by the Minister for Science and Industry, Ian Macfarlane.

Search engine collaboration

Search engine collaboration

A new RMIT-led research project is getting a cash boost from Google to investigate search engine effectiveness.

Collaborate or crumble

Collaborate or crumble

Finding collaborators and creating an interdisciplinary culture is key to successful research commercialisation.

Science and business are centre stage

Science and business are centre stage

Karen Taylor-Brown, publisher of the Science Meets Business website, welcomes the government’s focus on science and innovation.

Designing the future

Two researchers from Flinders University have a vision to make the world a better place, and are using STEM smarts and industry collaboration to make it a reality.

Eyes on the ground

Automation and advanced technologies hold the key to a more productive, biodiverse and safe Australian landscape, Jude Dineley reports.

gender equality in research

Gender equality in research and physics

CEO of the Australian Research Council (ARC) Professor Aidan Byrne discusses women in physics and the ARC’s commitment to women in research careers.

morphine research

Morphine provokes pain

An international study into morphine has found it may contribute to chronic pain, prompting the development of new drugs to reduce its long-term effects.

Early Career Researchers

Early career researchers take the stage

The winner of the Showcasing Early Career Researchers Competition was announced at the CRCA’s 2017 Collaborate Innovate conference.

science graduates

Science graduates high risk or high reward?

Australia’s academic and industry leaders call the Grattan Institute’s Mapping Higher Education Report “near-sighted” in its assessment of science graduate employability.

collaboration platform

Collaboration platform welcomes universities

Two Australian universities have joined an international platform that aims to facilitate university-industry collaborations.


Graphene innovation lowers cost of production

A breakthrough by CSIRO-led scientists has made the world’s strongest material more commercially viable, thanks to the humble soybean.

Smoking ceremony conducted by Wurunjeri Elder Aunty Joy Wandin Murphy at the Lowitja Institute CRC launch in October 2014, part of Closing the Gap

Closing the gap

The ‘Close the Gap’ campaign is a big ambition that will take a lot of work.

diabetes patch

Wearable diabetes patch

Scientists are working to take the sting out of controlling diabetes.

Australia’s biofuture

Australia is well positioned to take advantage of opportunities in the economic growth area of biocommodities.

Nuclear waste solution

ANSTO’s Synroc team is a leader in the global nuclear community for nuclear waste immobilisation and treatment technology.

Fast-tracking women in STEM

There is a simple business case for the increased participation of women in STEM.

industry engagement

Engaging industry in research

Commercialisation expert Natalie Chapman shares a traveller’s guide to industry engagement for researchers.

research funding

$22.6 million research funding

A round of applications is expected to open in August for 11 newly funded Cooperative Research Centre (CRC) projects.