The Science Behind Net Zero: New issue of Australian University Science – out now.

As the world aims to move towards Net Zero emissions, university science is at the forefront of research and innovation.

The science behind net zero

Australia’s universities are spearheading the scientific innovations critical to achieving national targets in renewable energy, storage, and reduction of emissions.

University science: poised to deliver on net zero policy

University science is uniquely placed to inform government policy: ensuring debate is grounded in scientific fact, and coordinating between industry, government and society.

5 ways Australian university science drives the energy transformation

Research and innovation across diverse disciplines are accelerating our journey to cleaner, more sustainable energy.

Universities lead the way in building energy-efficient infrastructure for a net zero future

Across the nation, universities are at the forefront of designing and implementing low energy buildings.

Universities pioneer innovative chemistry for energy storage in Australia’s Net Zero quest

While renewable energy is vital to realising net zero, storage is key to securing constant supply. For many, batteries are synonymous with energy storage.

Australia targets net zero emissions with next-generation renewable energy technology

Australia plans to reach net zero emissions by 2050 and our universities are spearheading the scientific innovations to achieve it.

Innovative strategies to boost soil carbon propel Australia towards net zero emissions

Soil carbon sequestration can play a pivotal role in reducing Australia’s agricultural sector emissions.

 Zero Net Emissions Agriculture Cooperative Research Centre (ZNE-Ag CRC) set to scale sustainability

The Zero Net Emissions Agriculture Cooperative Research Centre (ZNE-Ag CRC) is Australia’s largest to date. It evolved from and relies on university science.

University science underpins our journey to net zero

Achieving net zero is a grand challenge that relies on universities’ science innovation, deep history and escalating the journey forward.

Latest issue of Australian University Science out now!

Impact: What lies beneath? Australian University Science highlights the interplay between university research and industry.

Nurturing the spirit of human discovery

Cradles of innovation, Australian universities nurture the soul of science, driving tomorrow’s breakthroughs.

4 ways Australian university science is driving discovery

It takes the whole faculty to foster exceptional science. Here are four ways Australian University Science is paving the way to exceptional innovation.

Behind the breakthroughs – the realm of quantum

Australia’s universities have built the nation’s quantum expertise and abilities for decades, making a multibillion-dollar industry possible.

The knowledge custodians: University science supports a living ecosystem of knowledge.

University science is underpinned by hundreds of years of discovery, shared knowledge, and an atmosphere of learning.

Bringing science’s workforce forward

Professor Brian Schmidt explores how science changes the world through the efforts of the exceptional people behind it.

The innovation pipeline. The value chain of Australian universities. Australian University Science – Issue 9.

The latest issue of Australian University Science asserts that the university-science research value chain is complex, iterative, and has value at all stages.

Two new totemic technologies that will disrupt the future: quantum and synthetic biology.

Universities are the hubs of transformative innovation, where every year, countless new ideas take flight.

The value of university science

Dr Katherine Woodthorpe asserts that university research is never just basic, or just commercialisable: it’s a complex value chain that drives innovation.

Universities: incubators of invention

For innovation, overnight success is often decades in the making: a keystone of which almost always comes from basic science at universities.

It is rocket science! University science must be supported at all levels

Researchers work across every part of the spectrum, from seeking fundamental knowledge to developing participatory outcomes that include benefits to end users, influence on policy, commercial partnerships and outcomes.

Four areas where fundamental research brings benefits to society and the economy.

Fundamental university science research has drawn inspiration from the Great Barrier Reef’s carbon storage capacity, the plant world’s ultra-efficient storage and transport structure, the reinvention solid state physics to develop new materials for electronic efficiency and advanced agricultural to nourish future outposts in space.

National University Science-Industry Forum

This forum, hosted by the Australian Council of Deans of Science, will explore collaborative organisational initiatives occurring at a different scale from institutions

5 ways university science is partnering with industry in critical minerals

Australian university science is partnering with industry to produce high-performance, alloys, batteries and circuits.