A new climate of collaboration for ANSTO

There is a growing number of avenues of research parnerships in Asia for the Australian Nuclear Science and Technology Organisation (ANSTO).

Baby immunisation: One in 10 infants at risk

A study has shown children from socially disadvantaged backgrounds are at greater risk because they lack immunisation.

World champions of RoboCup soccer return to Sydney

UNSW Australia’s RoboCup world champions return home.

3D-printing makes better bone screw

A novel type of expandable bone fastener created by 3D-printing can make spinal surgery safer for the patient and easier for the surgeon. 

Test on chemo drugs predict side effects

A test hopes to identify chemotherapy drugs causing unwanted side effects for sarcoma cancer patients.

High-altitude climate change to kill cloud forest plants

Due to the effects of climate change, it is predicted that much of Australia’s native flora living 1000 m above sea level will go extinct.

Pig and poultry welfare research receives $1 million grant

A $1 million grant will to expand animal welfare research facilities.

Curtin University in NASA’s Orbit with new SSERVI deal

A new agreement between Curtin and NASA’s Solar System Exploration Research Virtual Institute (SSERVI).

Growth Centre gets tick of approval

The new Food and Agribusiness Growth Centre has been approved.

Desert fireballs

Curtin University is using cameras to measure the trajectory of meteorites, identifying where in the solar system they came from.

New web-based ram selection app wows sheep breeders

Sheep breeders, commercial producers can access a new genetic selection tool that improves breeding outcomes.

Robo-brickie makes massive impact

A robotic brick builder developed by an Australian company has generated massive interest globally.

Buy Vision, Give Sight

Revo and Bono join forces with the Brien Holden Vision Institute to fight vision impairment and unnecessary blindness.

Robot automates bacteria screening in wine samples

A robotic liquid handling system is automating the screening of bacteria strains.

A vivid green tree frog clinging to the underside of a furled tropical leaf

Frog researchers help kids make great leaps in literacy

James Cook University wildlife disease experts are using their scientific know-how about frogs and chytrid fungus to help boost childhood literacy.

Driverless car trials in South Australia

The first on-road driverless car trials in Southern Hemisphere are to be held in South Australia.

Smoking ceremony conducted by Wurunjeri Elder Aunty Joy Wandin Murphy at the Lowitja Institute CRC launch in October 2014, part of Closing the Gap

Closing the gap

The ‘Close the Gap’ campaign is a big ambition that will take a lot of work.

Shark detection

How exploiting sharks’ sense of hearing can protect people at beaches from a shark attack.

Multi-million-dollar deal brings UQ pain drug closer to reality

The purchase of Spinifex pharmaceuticals represents one of the largest biotech deals in Australian history.

Dragonfly eyes inspire machine vision

A dragonfly’s eyes and brain are the inspiration for a new machine vision system.

Australia’s energy future

Research into Australia’s renewable resources for improving generation and storage technologies.

Transforming innovation in Australia

Why small business could change the innovation game.

Armour forged through collaboration

The next big thing in body armour comes from the DMTC.

Award-winning app boosts mental health help for youth

Young people are up to 10 times more likely to disclose mental health concerns using a new app.