Dr Alan Finkel will be Australia’s new Chief Scientist

Engineer, entrepreneur and philanthropist, Dr Alan Finkel, has been officially announced as Australia’s new Chief Scientist.

$1.5 billion in funding for university research

More than $1.5 billion will be available over four years to support Australia’s world-class university researchers.

Prime Minister’s Prizes for Science

Professor Graham Farquhar’s groundbreaking research in plant biophysics is leading to huge developments in understanding climate change.

Science beats sport at the 2015 Publish Awards

Refraction Media was announced Australia’s Best Small Publisher at the 2015 Publish Awards.

Passage of the Medical Research Future Fund Bill

The passage of the MRFF Bill 2015 will strengthen Australia’s position as a global leader in medical research.

Three CRC women named in 100 Women of Influence   

Jane Burns, Veena Sahajwalla and Pat Anderson have been named women of influence in the 100 Women of Influence Awards.

Tracing change: past Australian environments

Researchers at Curtin University are using minute traces of microorganisms to recreate environments of the past.

Australian-designed SkinSuit worn on Space Station

SkinSuit invented at RMIT for astronauts undergoes trials on the International Space Station.

Quantum computing breakthrough

A team of Australian engineers has built a quantum logic gate in silicon for the first time.

Facing the future

iOmniscient is helping make cities more sustainable, energy efficient, safer and cleaner as the world becomes more urbanised.

Reading vision

A new system enables vision-impaired people to access information from images.

The role of science and innovation in a 21st century government

A fresh start is needed for science and innovation from the new PM.

Asia alliance key to the SKA telescope

Designing the brain of the world’s biggest telescope is a huge project involving global R&D and industry input.

Far-sighted treatment for myopia

Vision CRC is developing a program to reduce the incidence of myopia, a condition affecting 27% of the globe.

Award for medical researcher’s global impact

An outstanding Perkins researcher has made his mark on Australian and global science, and has been honoured with the Vice Chancellor of UWA’s Mid-Career Research Award.

Celebrating Australian succcess

The Knowledge Commercialisation Australasia’s Research Commercialisation Award winners were announced last night in Melbourne.

Forest decline is slowing

Forests worldwide are declining but the rate of decline is slowing due to improved forest management.

L’Oreal-UNESCO for Women in Science Fellow 2015

JCU scientist is named L’Oreal-UNESCO for Women in Science Fellow 2015.

Mosquito urban wetlands

Safer, healthier and biodiverse urban wetlands are the goal for Jayne Hanford’s PhD research.

Southern stars: the decade ahead for Australian astronomy

Astronomy is entering an exciting new era of exploration.

Building power by concentrating light

India has adopted the world-leading renewable energy technology being developed in Australia.

Work on barren soil may bear fruit

Scientists have made significant progress in determining what causes soil acidification.

From science fiction to reality: the dawn of the biofabricator

We are witnessing a reshaping of the clinical landscape wrought by the tools of technology.

New Devils research

New research has found that Devil Facial Tumour Disease (DFTD) has been changing to increase infection rates.