Advanced materials supporting green technologies

Webinar: Connect with the businesses and organisations driving advanced manufacturing supporting green technologies.

ANSTO Scholarship

ANSTO’s FutureNow Scholarships closing soon

$200,000 worth of scholarships up for grabs at ANSTO. Applications close Sunday 27 November.

Digital skills gap at all-time high

Seventy five per cent of IT decision-makers report a gap in digital skills, 145% over the previous year.

New Technologies to Feed the World

Webinar: How researchers, government and industry are collaborating to ensure Australia leads the world in food security using cutting-edge technology.

Gateway to Asia opens in the heart of Melbourne

The launch of the new Asia Trade and Innovation Hub is one of the key activities underpinned by a strategic partnership between Asia Society Australia and RMIT.

Deakin University research breakthrough paves new way in next-generation batteries

A new type of solid-state polymer electrolyte shows its potential.

From Australia to Silicon Valley: 6 lessons in the pathway to deep tech venture capital

Building a deep tech innovation ecosystem is challenging — so what might we be able to learn from our neighbours over in Silicon Valley? Luckily the answer is plenty.

ShanShanWang science entrepreneur

Science entrepreneur to speak at deep tech acceleration event

Industrial designer, innovator and science entrepreneur ShanShan Wang is tackling critical health science problems.

ANSTO Live Event: Accelerating deep tech businesses

Join a live panel discussion examining the opportunities and challenges facing deep tech businesses across fields such as health, space, energy, the environment and advanced manufacturing. 

Engineering diamonds to unlock computing potential

Researchers will engineer the diamond computer chip that sits at the heart of diamond quantum computers.

$32m for groundbreaking projects combining industry and research 

Projects to develop an mRNA vaccine for bacterial infections and a device to treat heart failure share in more than $32 million in funding

Four fundamental science success stories

From devices that allow patients to operate computers with their thoughts to revolutionising solar technology, here are fundamental science’s success stories.

Advanced repair technology shows promise for rails in remote locations

Neutron scattering experiments have demonstrated that scale up is possible for an advanced approach to fix wear damaged rails in remote locations.

Bionic Vision Technologies keeps its eye on the prize

Australia company Bionic Vision Technologies is in the race to produce the first bionic eye.

The best in humans and machines combine to reimagine intelligence

The new $12 million Collaborative Intelligence Future Science Platform aims to maximise the benefits of both human and machine intelligence.

Australia and United States partner to build quantum

Quantum partnership to promote research and development, and greater market access for quantum businesses in both nations.

Tech entrepreneurs and sport scientists unite to drive innovation

The ASTN-ESSA MOU to drive collaboration between sportstech startups and qualified exercise and sports science professionals, academics and researchers.

New Australian imaging technology set to provide better insight into aircraft stress

Australian invention provides real time imagery that helps quantify material stress and detect fatigue cracks

RMIT Electric racing team powered by RS Components

Competition sees 500 teams of uni students compete to design, build and compete in their own Formula-style open-wheeled race car.

Looking for engineering equipment for your lab or classroom? Here are 5 reasons to check out RS.

Engineers make our lives better and RS Components is committed to inspiring and supporting the future generation of engineers. 

Australian MedTech innovation goes global

Australian technology innovator Canaria Technologies has partnered with Rio Tinto globally to roll out its ground-breaking predictive biometric technology as part of an international pilot program.

Pandemic leaves scientists exposed says science and innovation leader

Dr Katherine Woodthorpe emphasised the value of the long-running CRC program before going on to warn of the threats facing science today.

Free science the key to research translation, says Chief Scientist

Chief Scientist Cathy Foley called for open access to science and a push for the end to paid access to peer reviewed journals.

Promoting sustainable transport through adventure

After designing and building a solar powered tuk tuk, Julian O’Shea realised how novelty could bring attention to eco-vehicles and inspire sustainable lifestyle decisions.