CRC funding priorities: a welcome change

CEO of the CRC Association, Dr Tony Peacock, responds to the new approach to establishing CRC priorities announced by the Minister for Industry, Innovation and Science.

GSK Award for Research Excellence winners

Researchers from Monash University have won the prestigious GSK Award for Research Excellence for developing “dimmer switch” medicines.

Luxury watch brand partners with nanotech

A luxury watch brand has teamed up with Flinders University nanotechnologists to develop a new casing material that will give their watches a competitive edge.

$7.6 million to take these products to market

Twenty-two new grants have been allocated to Australian businesses commercialising novel products under the government’s Entrepreneurs Programme.

Find the best 5 ways to get to Mars

We shortlist your best 5 ways to get to Mars in the short term, plus the most hopeful new technology taking us further to space.

What you can do for industry

Commercialisation expert Natalie Chapman explores what she has learnt by teaching industry engagement to researchers.

Remote Research Ranges: a startup story

An interview with Dr Catherine Ball, CEO and Founder of one of Australia’s most innovative environmental services startups.

Prestigious science prizes winners announced

The winners have been announced for the 2016 Prime Minister’s Prizes for Science which showcase achievements in research, innovation and teaching.

Cyber warfare: a battle plan

Australia is vulnerable to cyber threats, so what can we do about it? Director of UNSW’s Australian Centre for Cyber Security, Jill Slay, takes a look.

Maths researchers optimise Woodside’s vessel efficiency

Curtin University researchers have developed new mathematical models to make Woodside’s vessel operations more efficient.

Engaging industry in research

Commercialisation expert Natalie Chapman shares a traveller’s guide to industry engagement for researchers.

Smashing the glass ceiling

Managing Director of the Dow Chemical Company, Tony Frencham, talks about the changing corporate culture for women in STEM.

Industry engagement must start at school

Industry-school partnerships are key to a gender balanced STEM workplace, says Jacinta Duncan, Director of the Gene Technology Access Centre.

What can STEM learn from sport?

Deloitte Partner Elissa Hilliard explains why raising Australia’s STEM IQ means teaching girls foundational skills in their formative school years.

Plant researcher wins Scientist of the Year

Internationally renowned plant and seed researcher Professor Kingsley Dixon has won the $50,000 WA Scientist of the Year award.

Is commercialisation the dark side?

Founder and Managing Director of gemaker, Natalie Chapman, explores the common perception of research commercialisation as ‘the dark side of the force’.

Innovation breathes new life into old business

With the window of opportunity closing for businesses to get on board the fourth industrial revolution, Australian leaders urge old corporations to take action now.

Commercialisation boost for businesses

$11.3 million has been allocated to 20 Australian businesses to boost commercialisation.

Research commercialisation is push and pull

Industry needs to ‘lean in’ to commercialisation and partnership opportunities, say universities.

Collaboration platform welcomes universities

Two Australian universities have joined an international platform that aims to facilitate university-industry collaborations.

Combat simulation accelerates

Enhanced behaviour modelling software has been developed that could eventually create real-time combat simulations.

Tasmania boosts tourism research

The University of Tasmania is tracking the behaviour of tourists who visit the island state, with a particular focus on visitors from China.

$22.6 million research funding

A round of applications is expected to open in August for 11 newly funded Cooperative Research Centre (CRC) projects.

Demanding data for better healthcare

A major focus for medical technology is data sharing, with experts from across the healthcare sector looking to connect.