Bridging the innovation gap

April 17, 2016

The innovation pathway is driven by finding new solutions to the problems we encounter every day, says Professor Fiona M Wood.

bridging the innovation gap

Professor Fiona M Wood, FRACS AM, is the inventor of spray-on skin, and Director of the Burns Service of Western Australia and Burn Injury Research Unit at the University of Western Australia.

We encounter innovation at every turn in our daily lives. The capacity to live as we do today is through the evolution of yesterday’s ideas. But is this as good as it gets? Clearly the answer is ‘No!’ – we continually learn from today to ensure tomorrow is better.

We innovate by identifying a problem and seeking answers. The chain of activities from question to answer is long and complex: discovering a problem, chasing down a solution (supported by a rigorous research framework), dealing with regulatory safety hurdles, scaling the solution from the lab to the marketplace, and delivering it in a practical and cost-effective way – a process that requires tenacity above all else.

Australia enjoys a level of excellence in a number of areas of research, and it is time to connect these areas and realise their potential on the world stage. There are plenty of hurdles on the path to commercialisation; however, those who have succeeded in creating innovative, commercially successful outcomes provide us with the encouraging examples we need to keep going.

Linking problems with solutions is a skill we need to teach at every opportunity. Science, technology, engineering and mathematics (STEM) are pivotal to the success of our economy, but their potential lies in their utilisation: in problem solving, and in developing the skills to collaborate and progress along the innovation chain.

Professor Fiona M Wood, FRACS AM

Director of the Burns Service of WA and Burn Injury Research Unit at the University of Western Australia

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