The mandate of Science Meets Business is to cover news and research at the nexus between science, engineering, technology and industry.

Australian engineering, science and technology is critical to our health and wealth, to manufacturing, medicines, food and agriculture, communications and defence. Decades of research in chemistry, physics, earth and environmental science and biology has equipped us to quickly adapt to the rapidly changing global challenges of the pandemic, climate change and market uncertainty. People skilled in science and technology and those with an ability to translate STEM R&D into market products and services will ensure we have the capability to innovate and adapt into the future.

Science Meets Business (SMB) addresses how science and technology will meet major global challenges such as climate change, embed cross-disciplinary, industry focussed science within university facilities, build Australia’s workforce and improve diversity in STEM.

SMB looks at research that has a significant impact on the triple bottom line, through benefits to society, the environment and the economy.

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