Why DVDs are the new cool tech

Researchers at Swinburne University have developed an innovative approach to increasing the storage capacity of DVDs.

Irrigation innovation

Rubicon is an Australian innovation success story involved in massive irrigation projects in China.

Out of this world

Researchers at Curtin University are using zircon crystals and micro probes to determine the history of Earth, Mars and the Moon.

Brace yourselves

It’s a tough journey from the lab bench to the real world but it’s one worth taking. Read why we need to work harder to reap the rewards of innovation.

Brain teaser: 3D-printed ’tissue’ to help combat disease

Researchers 3D print artificial brain tissue to investigate the effect of drugs and explore brain disorders.

How does 3D printing work?

Medical Parts like hearing aids, braces and other body parts can be 3D printed. Here’s a short video to explain how.

3D-printing makes better bone screw

A novel type of expandable bone fastener created by 3D-printing can make spinal surgery safer for the patient and easier for the surgeon. 

Desert fireballs

Curtin University is using cameras to measure the trajectory of meteorites, identifying where in the solar system they came from.

New web-based ram selection app wows sheep breeders

Sheep breeders, commercial producers can access a new genetic selection tool that improves breeding outcomes.

Robo-brickie makes massive impact

A robotic brick builder developed by an Australian company has generated massive interest globally.

Robot automates bacteria screening in wine samples

A robotic liquid handling system is automating the screening of bacteria strains.

Science snippets

A short video about the electromagnetic spectrum from the International Centre for Radio Astronomy Research in Perth, Western Australia.

Two microbes hold key to superior feed crops

Scientists have identified two microbes that build bigger and more resilient feed crops.

Driverless car trials in South Australia

The first on-road driverless car trials in Southern Hemisphere are to be held in South Australia.

Innovations in grape growing technology apply across the industry

‘Vinnovation’ competition pushes grape growers to (v)innovate for the benefit of farmers state-wide.

Shark detection

How exploiting sharks’ sense of hearing can protect people at beaches from a shark attack.

Dragonfly eyes inspire machine vision

A dragonfly’s eyes and brain are the inspiration for a new machine vision system.

Exploring carbon capture and storage futures

The CRC for Greenhouse Gas Technologies explores the viability of CCS methods to control emissions.

Armour forged through collaboration

The next big thing in body armour comes from the DMTC.

Help to combat pest animals is only a click away

The Invasive Animals Cooperative Research Centre have a new online pest animal toolkit.

Taking medical device from design to life saver

A newly developed device will ensure paramedic staff are prepared when they need to perform risky rare procedures.

Tracing security issues to the source

Using freely available data, such as news reports and food prices, to map potential global trouble spots is one of four counterterrorism research projects established by the Data to Decisions CRC.

A field guide to frogs can now fit in your pocket

JCU researchers develop an app that catalogues the hundreds of frog species in Australia.

Open your mind

Technology is helping us cross cultural barriers, scale vast distances, and develop collaborative workspaces.