Career breaks in STEM

Industry leaders at the national Women in STEM Leadership Summit discuss how to maintain work-life balance and incorporate important breaks into a successful STEM career.

Science graduates high risk or high reward?

Australia’s academic and industry leaders call the Grattan Institute’s Mapping Higher Education Report “near-sighted” in its assessment of science graduate employability.

undervaluing stem

Undervaluing STEM skills

CEO of the Australian Industry Group, Innes Willox, says the Grattan higher education report misrepresents the value of STEM skills.

Tasmania boosts tourism research

The University of Tasmania is tracking the behaviour of tourists who visit the island state, with a particular focus on visitors from China.

How to balance gender in STEM

Gender disparity in STEM careers and postgraduate enrolments reveals a system needing an overhaul.

Engineering music video inspires girls

A music video by Australian DJ-duo NERVO aims to get more girls into engineering.

Gender equity through Athena SWAN

At the 2016 Science in Australia Gender Equity Symposium, Dr Susan Pond shared a grand plan for designing out gender inequality from the science community.

Australian research funding infographic

The latest OECD figures reveal how Australia’s science and research funding compares with other countries.

Fast-tracking women in STEM

There is a simple business case for the increased participation of women in STEM.

Data driven communities

The Australian Urban Research Infrastructure Network has combined over 2,000 urban datasets into one map, empowering communities to improve their neighbourhoods.

Diversity brings a competitive advantage

Women must leverage the new demand for gender diversity, says Yasmine Finbow, Director of the Women in Tech. conference.

Predicting property yields

New modelling of the Melbourne property market offers investors insights into rental yields.

Sport statistics offer transport solutions

A new mathematical theory offering insights into AFL could also be used to solve logistical problems in mining.

Remote mobile communication

A mobile phone system able to be operated in remote areas without a cellular network or internet access is being designed for the emergency services sector.

New digital mentoring project announced

A new digital project will connect Indigenous Australians.

Microcapsules for type-1 diabetes

Curtin University designs unique microcapsules for people with type-1 diabetes.

Australia’s STEM workforce

Australia’s Chief Scientist has released the first detailed analysis of Australia’s STEM workforce.

Biobank speeds autism diagnosis

Australia’s first ever Biobank will speed up and improve autism diagnosis in children.

Algorithms making social decisions

The social life of algorithms: shaping, and being shaped by, our world.

International Women’s Day at Monash

Women from the Faculties of Engineering and IT at Monash University, speaking candidly about their experiences of academic life.

Collaborate or crumble

Finding collaborators and creating an interdisciplinary culture is key to successful research commercialisation.

Science meets Parliament

Dr. Alan Finkel AO, Chief Scientist of Australia, spoke to over 200 scientists on ‘cresting the wave’ of science and innovation.

Firing up our start-ups

Getting start-ups into high-growth mode earlier is a key national priority for innovation.

New vision for Indigenous eye care

Innovative toolkit to improve eye care for Indigenous Australia.