New Innovation and Collaboration Centre to stimulate growth

The University of South Australia has launched its Innovation and Collaboration Centre for business and research.

Quantum computing revolution

Researchers from UTS have developed a revolutionary material for quantum computing.

Doorway to cancer data

Genome data portals are supporting scientists in the hunt for a cancer cure.

Australia: nation of inventors or innovators?

Karen Taylor-Brown shares ideas for an innovative future from last week’s inaugural Science Meets Business event.

Radar for driverless cars

New technology that upgrades conventional car sensors into 360-degree radar has been launched in Australia.

Beneath the surface

CSIRO scientists have revealed how much water lies beneath the parched Pilbara landscape.

Medical device could save lives

Students at RMIT University developed an award-winning system that facilitates sharing of ECG scans to improve positive patient outcomes.

One small step for open data…

NASA has a plan for open data – making its research accessible to the world.

Building a dream

Professor Zongping Shao is passionate about producing safe, reliable and sustainable vehicles.

Australian-designed SkinSuit worn on Space Station

SkinSuit invented at RMIT for astronauts undergoes trials on the International Space Station.

Quantum computing breakthrough

A team of Australian engineers has built a quantum logic gate in silicon for the first time.

Plantic Technologies: Green and clean

Plantic Technologies is emerging as a key player in the market of plastic alternatives in the food supply chain.

Leading the revolution

Cochlear Limited have developed smart technology to impact hearing health worldwide.

New tools in the fight against fish ferals

DNA detection and virus research are two tools being used to control feral fish in Australian waters.

Water smart cities

From bacteria in sewers to vertical surfaces of buildings, the urban environment has a wealth of water smart resources.

Fuelling the future

Curtin University showcases complex engineering strengths to address climate change and sustainability.

Asia alliance key to the SKA telescope

Designing the brain of the world’s biggest telescope is a huge project involving global R&D and industry input.

Far-sighted treatment for myopia

Vision CRC is developing a program to reduce the incidence of myopia, a condition affecting 27% of the globe.

Smart waste solutions with algae and more

MBD Energy is utilising algae and other sources of energy for smart waste solutions.

Celebrating Australian succcess

The Knowledge Commercialisation Australasia’s Research Commercialisation Award winners were announced last night in Melbourne.

From science fiction to reality: the dawn of the biofabricator

We are witnessing a reshaping of the clinical landscape wrought by the tools of technology.

Making mineral exploration easy

LANDTEM is a great example of the commercial application of scientific research.

Design innovations are blowing in the wind

RMIT researchers are using state-of-the-art modelling techniques to study the effects of wind on cities.

Housing industry could save auto jobs

Growth in Australia’s modular building housing industry could save jobs from the auto manufacturing industry.