Find the best 5 ways to get to Mars

We shortlist your best 5 ways to get to Mars in the short term, plus the most hopeful new technology taking us further to space.

Teachers and postdocs key to innovation

Key messages from the Science Meets Business summit held in Melbourne this week.

Everywoman: the modern scientist

CEO of Science and Technology Australia, Kylie Walker, smashes all of the stereotypes in her campaign to celebrate Women in STEM.

E-textile helps soldiers plug in

A new wireless e-textile developed by BAE Systems allows soldiers to plug electronic devices, like a smartphone, into their armour.

Research commercialisation awards

Knowledge Commercialisation Australasia (KCA) announced the winners of their Research Commercialisation Awards at KCA’s annual conference.

Eureka Prize Winners of 2016

Meet the winners of the 2016 Eureka Prizes, which showcase the best advancements in Australian science, technology and innovation.

Innovation breathes new life into old business

With the window of opportunity closing for businesses to get on board the fourth industrial revolution, Australian leaders urge old corporations to take action now.

Research commercialisation is push and pull

Industry needs to ‘lean in’ to commercialisation and partnership opportunities, say universities.

What are the big three drivers to job growth?

Australian business leaders identify crucial factors for innovation and economic growth at the 2016 AFR National Innovation Summit.

Diagnosing dysphagia without radiation

A new analysis software that simplifies dysphagia diagnoses will speed up results and eliminate the need for x-rays.

Is it possible to reverse ageing?

Life expectancy only seems to go upwards, but how far can it go? Simon Lawrence spoke to experts at the cutting edge about what might lead to longer and better lives.

Australia’s most innovative women engineers

Meet the women from the group of outstanding professionals who were awarded ‘Australia’s Most Innovative Engineers 2016’ in Engineer Australia’s magazine, create.

Rethinking Australia’s innovation sector

A 15-year strategic plan for Australia’s innovation sector is being developed over the next year. But how does it compare to the rest of the world?

Research startups accelerate CSIRO science

Eleven new research-based startups revealed their business ideas at CSIRO’s ON Accelerate Demo Night.

Big data, big business

Information is the must-have asset for innovative new businesses.

Continuous deployment

Innovation psychologist Dr Amantha Imber writes about a critical ingredient for business tech innovation in an extract from her book, the Innovation Formula.

Innovation and commercialisation awards

Meet the three winners of the Clunies Ross Awards in these short videos from the Australian Academy of Technology and Engineering.

Using nanoparticles to transform glass

A new method of injecting nanoparticles into glass has created potential applications for biomedical engineering and 3D displays.

First woman wins Millenium Technology Prize

Chemical engineer Frances Arnold received the prize for creating a revolutionary method of engineering enzymes.

Chatting with chatbots

The future of chatbots is more than just small-talk, says researchers at CSIRO and the University of Queensland.

Kick-starting student startups

UTS is powering up student-founded startups with its new Hatchery and Hatchery+ incubator programs.

Software saves rainwater

New software developed by the University of South Australia is helping Southeast Asia’s buildings conserve rainwater.

Supercomputer empowers scientists

From designing better drugs to pondering the nature of gravity waves, the University of Western Australia’s new supercomputer is empowering big data research.

Parents and schools connect

A mobile application that bridges the communication gap between parents and schools in Australia is set to expand across the globe.