Blockchain tech shaping spatial information

The CRC for Spatial Information has compiled the best blockchain ideas from PhD students taking part in their 2016 “Solvathon”.

GSK Award for Research Excellence winners

Researchers from Monash University have won the prestigious GSK Award for Research Excellence for developing “dimmer switch” medicines.

“Healthcare is not a system”

Paul Nicolarakis, CEO of the CRC spin-off Lorica Health, explains their business model in a five minute pitch made at the 2016 Tech23 event.

Quantum MRI machine to enable drug discovery

The ARC Centre of Excellence for Quantum Computation and Communication Technology has collaborated with University of Melbourne researchers to transform biomolecular imaging.

FDA approves Duchenne muscular dystrophy drug

The FDA has approved of an innovative new treatment for Duchenne muscular dystrophy. The drug was developed by researchers from Murdoch University.

Birth defects: a data discovery

The Australian National Data Service is celebrating the real-world impact of data with their #dataimpact campaign. Their latest article tells the story of a data discovery that radically reduced birth defects.

Cochlear implant electrodes improve hearing

A new study has shown that cochlear implant electrodes improve hearing in patients and reduce inflammation caused by implantation.

Cancer research investment boost

The Cancer Therapeutics Cooperative Research Centre’s partners are reinvesting funds back into cancer research.

Portable paper sun sensor

Australian researchers have created an environmentally friendly, paper-based sensor for monitoring sun exposure.

Demanding data for better healthcare

A major focus for medical technology is data sharing, with experts from across the healthcare sector looking to connect.

Morphine provokes pain

An international study into morphine has found it may contribute to chronic pain, prompting the development of new drugs to reduce its long-term effects.

Brain-powered bionic spine

A thought-powered device that will enable paralysed people to walk is on the path to commercialisation, thanks to Australian neurologist Dr. Thomas Oxley.

A “vinnovative” solution

An innovative bottle closure with the potential to significantly reduce wine allergies is being developed in Australia’s most famous wine region.

Thrill of discovery

Biochemist and passionate supporter of gender equality in science, Marilyn Anderson, challenges the norm.

Wearable diabetes patch

Scientists are working to take the sting out of controlling diabetes.

Microcapsules for type-1 diabetes

Curtin University designs unique microcapsules for people with type-1 diabetes.

A 3D printed smile

Griffith University uses 3D tissue engineering to revolutionise dental disease.

Biobank speeds autism diagnosis

Australia’s first ever Biobank will speed up and improve autism diagnosis in children.

Apps for youth mental health

New online tools are helping young people to take control of their own mental wellbeing.

Smart Contact Lens

New light-manipulating nanotechnology may soon be used to make smart contact lenses.

Smart ASD detection tool

La Trobe University has launched a free app that can identify autism earlier and more accurately than ever before.

Biomedical fund to bridge valley of death

Australia’s new biomedical fund will help to bridge the ‘valleys of death’ and push innovation back into R&D, and bring “billions” in revenue.

Green frontier

Dr Pia Winberg explains how it is possible to improve our gut health by introducing seaweed dietary fibres to the western diet.

Researchers ride new sound wave to health discovery

Acoustics experts have created a new class of sound wave that could lead to a revolution in stem cell therapy.